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Innovation & Community

Information about DTI community and government collaborations.

Innovation & Community

The City of Albuquerque is a proud participant in community outreach and technological innovation.

Interested in partnering with the City of Albuquerque? Let us know.

Intergovernmental Collaborations

Pino Yards Proving Grounds & CNM IoT Bootcamp

City of Albuquerque proving grounds is City infrastructure that provides real-world settings using City of Albuquerque owned property. This includes Pino Yards, a populated, enclosed site with transportation, street, sidewalk, building, lighting, and green space infrastructure. DTI opened this facility to Central New Mexico Community College Internet of Things & Rapid Prototyping (CNM IoT) bootcamp participants to experiment and assess their IoT projects in a real-world environment.

Supporting our local students and technology hub drives local economic development efforts to become a national hub for IoT excellence.

As of 2021, five CNM IoT boot camp capstone projects have been identified so far by the City to develop refined prototypes and more projects are under review. Also, CNM IoT Bootcamp participants have been hired by technology companies as a result of this partnership.

  • 16 street lights connected to smart street light controllers on City street lights can be controlled remotely to control brightness and intensity.
  • Two mobile trailers have been developed to provide WiFi using a technology from one of the City’s IoT partners, SmartCone.
  • A sound detection system protoype projects to use IoT devices to send alerts is in process to detect and alert of the sound of breaking glass, car crash, or screeching tires is detected.
  • A smart parking solution is underway. The objective of the project is to be able to use smart sensors and cameras to detect and notify of open parking spaces, allow reservation of spaces in advance of arrival, and notify law enforcement illegal parking.
  • A project involving the harvesting of energy collected from the draft of a passing vehicle using small wind turbines to power a RGB LED matrix will show a graphical representation of the energy being harvested.

Director of Technology and Innovation

Learn more about the director of Technology and Innovation, Mark Leech.