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City Announces New Agreement for Fiber-Optic Network

Provider brings first open access platform to Albuquerque, helping bridge digital divide.
February 06, 2024

The City of Albuquerque has approved a license agreement with Gigapower, the first open access internet provider to invest in our area planning to install a fiber-optic network using City right-of-way.

Gigapower’s commercial wholesale, open access platform enables internet service providers and other businesses to access its network in select metro areas throughout the country.

With Gigapower, AT&T plans to bring its high-speed fiber internet services to Albuquerque later this year.

“High-quality, affordable internet is essential for the success of our city as we work to bridge the digital divide for all Albuquerque families,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Investing in our broadband infrastructure is a necessity, and will make an impact for our community now and into the future.”

Fiber internet offers a more reliable connection, greater bandwidth to carry more information at higher speeds, and is considered to be a future-proof technology that can easily support advancements without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

This is the second agreement that the City Broadband Office has put in place, after Vexus Fiber in 2022.

“Part of our mission at the City’s Broadband Office is to ensure that all our residents, businesses, and industries have the same access to quality internet services,” said Catherine Nicolaou, Broadband Program Manager. “We are working to bring an equal broadband experience no matter where you are in town, with new infrastructure and competitive internet service providers.”

“Albuquerque is a large enough city to accommodate a competitive environment among multiple fiber-to-the-home providers,” said Mark Leech, Director of the Department of Technology and Innovation. “Every time a new fiber-to-the-home provider enters into an agreement with the City of Albuquerque, they have exemplified to us that they align with our values of equity and opportunity.”

Residents can be the first to know when AT&T Fiber is available in their area by visiting: