Climate Action Plan

Information about the City of Albuquerque's Climate Action Plan.

Climate Action Plan

To halt Albuquerque’s contributions to climate change and prepare for changing temperatures, the City is updating the Albuquerque Climate Action Plan. Following the call of City Resolution R-19-187 to halt Albuquerque’s contributions to climate change and prepare for changing temperatures, the City is updating the Albuquerque Climate Action Plan. Over the next 9 months, community members are sharing their voices to shape the next stage of Albuquerque’s climate change vision and spur citywide improvements such as:

  • Better Bike Lanes
  • Greener Neighborhoods
  • Safer Sidewalks
  • New Ways to Save Energy

Between July and September 2020, over 3,000 city residents took the climate survey to inform the priorities and foundations of the Climate Action Plan update. Read more about survey outcomes in the CABQ Climate Action Survey Report by New Mexico First here. Many residents also applied to the Climate Task Force to act as key authors of the Climate Plan and address the needs and concerns of frontline communities. View the schedule of upcoming task force meetings here to attend and give public comment.

Please look to this page for updates on upcoming survey and task force selection results. If you are interested in receiving updates on the development of the Albuquerque Climate Action Plan and sustainability efforts, please email us at [email protected] . 

To learn more about the Climate Task Force click here.


Get involved in the climate action plan process here. Read more about the Albuquerque Climate Action Plan below.

What is a Climate Action Plan?

A Climate Action Plan advocates our city’s values and defines actions to halt Albuquerque’s contributions to climate change. The Plan will also discuss what our community will do to prepare for our changing climate.

What is the process?

For Albuquerque’s Climate Plan, equity is in the driver’s seat. Throughout the process, residents that are most vulnerable to climate change will lead the conversations about current challenges and future solutions. This approach will help ensure that front line communities – those that have been harmed by environmental injustice and who are likely to be hurt first and worst by the impacts of climate change – will benefit first and foremost from climate action. Employing a process utilizing targeted universalism will lift up the entire City – making the plan’s course of actions stronger and more effective. To learn more about how to make Albuquerque more equitable and inclusive please check out the Office of Equity and Inclusion’s Culture Change Initiative Page for resources and learning opportunities.

CAP Eqaulity and Equity.png

The Climate Action Planning process will take place over the next 12 months. The public will have the opportunity to shape the plan through climate survey and by giving public comment on the draft plan when it is released. Community leaders interested in working with city government and subject matter experts to create the plan contents should apply to the Climate Action Task Force. The timeline demonstrates key process phases.

CAP timeline.png

What will the outcomes be?

The Climate Action Plan will create actions that become reality. The contents of the Plan will be divided into five subject areas shown below, and actions will be implemented by leaders in community, government and the private sector.

CAP climate concious neighborhoods.png

CAP renewable energy.png

CAP recycling and zero waste.png

CAP sustainable buildings.png

CAP clean transportation.png