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Three Commanders Promoted to Rank of Deputy Chief

APD Chief Harold Medina promoted three Commanders to the rank of Deputy Chief.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

ALBUQUERQUE – APD Chief Harold Medina  promoted three Commanders to the rank of Deputy Chief.

The three promotions are as follows: Deputy Chief Josh Brown, Field Services Bureau, Deputy Chief Cecily Barker, Investigative Bureau, and Deputy Chief Cori Lowe, Accountability and Analytics Bureau.

“I’m incredibly proud to entrust three new Deputy Chiefs as part of our leadership team at APD,” said Chief Harold Medina.  “All three have proven themselves throughout their careers. They care about the community and they are committed to the department. They have my confidence as we work to fight crime and keep Albuquerque safe.”

In his time as Interim Deputy Chief of Field Services, Josh Brown worked through the tragic events that occurred on August 19th, 2021, when four Albuquerque Police Officers were wounded in the line of duty. DC Brown oversaw efforts maneuvering through that challenging time and providing the resources needed to that area of the city as the officers recovered.

Deputy Chief Lowe was formerly the Commander over APD’s Compliance and Oversight Division prior to being promoted to Deputy Chief of the Accountability and Analytics Bureau. She has proven to be a tremendous asset to this division of APD, and continuously receives great feedback from the Department of Justice through the Court Appointed Settlement Agreement.

Deputy Chief Cecily Barker, formerly APD’s Chief of Staff, has filled many leadership roles at APD. DC Barker also served as the Northwest Area Commander building strong relationships with the community. During her time as Chief of Staff, Barker worked closely with City Council, providing them with timely and accurate information from the Police Department and she oversaw important units that keep this department up and running.

Deputy Chief Arturo Gonzalez who oversaw the Investigative Bureau retired at the end of November, and Deputy Chief Donavan Olvera over Field Services retired in June. The Chief of Staff position, now The Director of the Office of the Chief, was filled by David Franklin who moved here from Texas and began in early November. Deputy Chief Cori Lowe is filling a newly created position.

Deputy Chief Josh Brown

Deputy Chief Josh Brown graduated from APD’s 82nd Cadet Class in 2000. During his career he has served in the Field Services Bureau, the K9 Unit, and with the SWAT Team.

He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2014 where he supervised the Albuquerque Police Department Auto Theft Unit. In 2018 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant where he oversaw Albuquerque Police Department Property Crimes Section. Deputy Chief Brown had been serving as the Commander of the Valley Area Command, prior to being Interim Deputy Chief.

DC Brown is a native New Mexican. He attended the University of New Mexico where he received a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

Deputy Chief Cecily Barker

Deputy Chief Cecily Barker was born and raised in Albuquerque and joined APD in 2004. Prior to receiving her promotion to Deputy Chief of the Investigative Bureau, Barker served as the Chief of Staff. Prior to her time as Chief of Staff, DC Barker was the Northwest Area Commander.

While in the Field Services Bureau, Barker was a Field Training Officer, Gang Suppression Officer and Crisis Intervention Officer. In 2012, she was promoted to Sergeant at the Violent Crimes Division, working in FASTT, Missing Persons and Cold Case. In 2017, she was promoted to Lieutenant of Property Crimes/Juvenile Division and Criminalistics Division and in 2020 was promoted to Commander.

Deputy Chief Cori Lowe

Deputy Chief Cori Lowe joined the Albuquerque Police Department in 2005 as an officer with the Field Services Bureau. This year marks Lowe’s 16th year with APD. From Field Services she spent several years in Violent Crimes as a robbery detective then became Sergeant with Armed Robbery. 

Lowe also spent time as a Lieutenant with the Narcotics Task Force.  In December 2017, Deputy Chief Lowe was the Lieutenant with Compliance, then promoted to Commander. She had been on temporary duty with the Internal Affairs Force Division until she was Interim Deputy Chief over the Accountability and Analytics Bureau.