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Statement: Release of the Names in Stagecoach Lane Shooting

Information about name of the victims of the Stagecoach Lane Shooting.

The Albuquerque Police Department knows the family from the Stagecoach shooting and we as a community can not fathom this unimaginable tragedy.

The family has asked the Department not to release the identities of the three children who were murdered as of yet. We must remember we are only 48 hours into this tragic investigation. APD has had many inquires from both local and national media outlets demanding this information. Some of the outlets are becoming quite aggressive on why it hasn't been provided.

The Albuquerque Police Department stands by our decision to honor the family's request.

Because there are transparency laws we must adhere to, we have notified the family their loved ones' names will be released tomorrow.

We are praying for our community, our first responders, the media, neighbors involved and especially this grieving family in this awful time of grief.

We thank the community for understanding and for supporting this family and our department.