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Mayor Keller Highlights Progress on DOJ Reform

APD News Release: Mayor Keller Highlights Progress on DOJ Reform

March 15, 2018

Mayor Tim Keller addressed U.S. District Judge Robert C. Brack today to discuss the administration’s approach to the court-approved settlement with the Department of Justice.

“My administration is owning the responsibility of APD reform, and we are committed to fight crime and institutionalize constitutional community policing,” stated Mayor Keller after today’s status conference in federal court.

“We began our tenure by enacting the most extensive restructuring of APD in recent history, which included reestablishing a compliance bureau and getting the right people in key roles. Now we are committed to providing the resources that APD needs for reform, and that starts with how we prioritize the budget that we will send to Council,” added Mayor Keller.  “We know this will be a long road but we will see it through.”

New U.S. Attorney John C. Anderson and newly appointed City Attorney, Esteban Aguilar Jr. were also introduced in Court as part of the status conference.

The Court heard recommendations from the DOJ, APD and Monitor Dr. James Ginger for the Monitor’s team to submit interim reports in June and August.

The administration along with other stakeholders presented an improved use of force policy designed to bring trust and effectiveness to the community.