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Mayor Keller creates city monitoring team to oversee APD reform

Mayor Tim Keller announced a new city monitoring team
November 17, 2023

Mayor Tim Keller announced a new city monitoring team that will be in place to take over the role that outside monitors played during the past 9 years of federal oversight under the Court-Approved Settlement Agreement (“CASA”).


The Independent Monitoring Team has determined that APD is in operational compliance with nearly all of the terms of the CASA. APD’s progress with the agreement, which dates back to 2014, will be reviewed soon by a federal judge.  The parties have recently agreed to terminate nearly one third of the original requirements in the CASA based upon the City’s sustained compliance with these requirements. Additionally, approximately one half of the CASA’s requirements are subject to self-monitoring by the City rather than oversight by the external monitoring team.


The city has contracted with three monitors – a use-of-force expert and two former judges – who will begin providing oversight of the city’s Office of Superintendent Reform, and will continue to do so once the CASA is terminated. As it was originally, the Superintendent position will be held by a sworn officer who is responsible for policy, training and discipline. The Chief of Police will continue to manage the day-to-day role of fighting crime and keeping the community safe.


“We are preparing APD for life after federal oversight by institutionalizing our concept of a Superintendent of Police Reform and creating our own monitoring team that reflects the values of Albuquerque residents,” Mayor Keller said. “We have an accountability system that values Constitutional policing and reflects lessons learned during the past nine years.”


The city created three monitor positions:

  • Monitor of Police Training
  • Monitor of Discipline and Misconduct
  • Monitor of Use of Force


Former Judge Sharon Walton is the Monitor of Police Training; Former Judge Victor Valdez is the Monitor of Discipline and Misconduct; and Christopher Darcy, a retired undersheriff and founder of Fairfax Consulting Group, is the Monitor of Use of Force.


Eric Garcia will return to the position of Superintendent of Police Reform. He will work under the oversight of the monitoring team and report directly to the Mayor’s Office.


“Reform will continue once the settlement agreement concludes, and we have everything in place to ensure accountability in the future,” said Bob White, the associate Chief Administrative Officer for Police Reform. “The community is ready to move forward with a police department they trust.”


“We have settled on a structure that has proven to be effective,” said Eric Garcia, Superintendent of Police Reform. “We are setting officers up to succeed and meet our high standards, while ensuring they are accountable.