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Four Suspects Arrested After Rash of Auto Burglaries

Mario Maestas, Judy Mora, Christopher Parsons and Chad Parsons were all arrested in connection with a rash of auto burglaries and Identity Theft.

Mario Maestas, 38, Judy Mora, 38, Christopher Parsons, 26, and Chad Parsons, 32 were all arrested in connection to a rash of Auto Burglaries and Identity Theft after detectives secured arrest warrants for them. 

Beginning in mid April 2017, the Albuquerque Police Department began receiving calls in the Foothills Area Command of a string of auto burglaries that were occurring in various neighborhoods.  The Foothills Area Command Detectives took over the investigation and started making contact with several of the victims in these neighborhoods.  During their investigation the detectives were able to identify four individuals who were directly involved in these crimes as Mario Maestas, Judy Mora, Christopher Parsons and Chad Parsons.

Detectives discovered the group would go into various neighborhoods and check anywhere from 30-40 vehicles a night looking for unlocked vehicle doors, open windows or easy access into vehicles.  It was discovered they would gain entry in about 10 to 15 vehicles a night and would take any items they located inside.  The group continued to do this for about a week and half until police were able to identify who they were.  Through the detectives investigation they determined that Mario and Judy were trading the stolen items for drugs or cash.  Chad and Christopher were discovered to be using stolen personal information and stolen credit/debit cards they located in these vehicles.  The two were identified and observed using these cards at several retail locations in Albuquerque.

Based on the hard work the detectives did, they were able to secure arrest warrants for all four individuals and they were all taken into custody on May 8th, 2017.  Detectives have said that since these four were arrested they have seen a dramatic decrease in Auto Burglaries in the Foothills Area Command. 

Some stolen items were located during the arrest of the four individuals whom they do not have owners for.  Photos of these items have been posted on the APD Facebook page.  Please visit the page to view these items.