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Chief Medina releases letter to Walgreens

Walgreens letter
August 14, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – APD Chief Harold Medina released the attached letter he sent today to Walgreens that outlines recommendations for Albuquerque stores that will help APD reduce crime at those locations.

The letter includes recommendations, such as modifying the layout of Walgreens’ liquor departments so patrons could order items and an employee would fulfill the order. That would limit access to alcohol.

Chief Medina also recommended that Walgreens hire a Level 3 security guard for its stores, and urged the company to immediately report alcohol theft to APD.

“Implementing these suggestions and strategies will be a win for our community,” Chief Medina said in his letter. “Strong anti-shoplifting measures will make it harder for shoplifters to steal, while collaboratively building evidence-based prosecutions will send the clear message that retail theft is a serious crime worthy of the imposition of serious consequences.”

The issue of alcohol theft became more prominent recently when some teens stole several bottles of liquor from a West Side Walgreens while driving a stolen vehicle around town. Not long after the theft, the teens were challenged by the owner of the stolen vehicle, and one of the teens shot and killed the woman.