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Chief Details Peaceful Weekend Protests

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.Hundreds of protesters gathered in Downtown over the weekend and held peaceful protests. There were no related arrests, and no reports of damage to property or injuries.

 Following Sunday’s protest, there was an incident at Central Avenue and 3rd Street where armed individuals were reported both inside and outside a restaurant.

 APD monitored the situation as it unfolded and had officers nearby to stop any violent interactions. Officers were contacted by protesters who alleged that a person within the restaurant had pointed a gun at them. Individuals inside the established also called the police claiming they were under threat. Officers worked for several hours with people on both sides of the incident to document their allegations in the form of a police report with a detective, rather than escalating the stand-off. Ultimately both sides agreed to formally report their allegations. Detectives will investigate those allegations this week.

 APD prepared for the protest as it does for all large gatherings and assisted with traffic control to keep the public safe. Downtown was partially blocked off to keep pedestrians safe from vehicle traffic.

 “We are clear about the desire for many in our community to peacefully protest,” said Chief Mike Geier. “As a police department, we want to protect people so they can safely carry out their constitutional rights and express their opinions.”

 A group of several hundred people gathered Friday evening at Lomas Blvd and Fourth Street N.W. next to Albuquerque’s three major courthouses.

 A second protest was held Sunday night at Civic Plaza.

 Mayor Keller and Chief Geier’s earlier statements on racism and the murder of George Floyd are available here.