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Auto Theft Leads Police to Kidnapping

The arrest of Joseph Secrest lead police to rescue a kidnapped victim.

Joseph Secrest, 38, was arrested for Receiving/Transferring a Stolen Vehicle, Possession of Burglary Tools, Kidnapping, Child Abuse/Endangerment, Aggravated Eluding and Aggravated Fleeing an Officer. 

On 01/12/2017 an Albuquerque Police Officer located a silver Ford F150 that had been reported stolen just a few days ago.  This vehicle was located by utilizing the LoJack tracking system which allowed the officer to track the vehicle without the thief knowing.  Officers were able to locate the vehicle and utilize the Air Support Unit to track the vehicle around the city.  Officers and Auto Theft Detectives were able to formulate a plan to stop the vehicle safely and effectively.  During this time it was observed the vehicle was occupied by Secrest and a female passenger.  A spike belt was used to immobilize the vehicle and was successful at getting Secrest to slow down.  Secrest eventually abandoned the immobilized vehicle and ran on foot.  Secrest was stopped by detectives after a short foot chase and arrested.  Detectives found a screw driver and a pair of pliers they later learned was what Secrest used to start the stolen vehicle.

The female in the vehicle was detained and it was discovered she was 16 years old and a victim of a kidnapping from Los Lunas that had not been reported yet.  The victim told officers she was at a house party that Secrest was at and she asked him for a ride back to Albuquerque.  Secrest brought her and her friend back to Albuquerque and told them they owed him money for the ride once in Albuquerque.  Secrest took them to an ATM and the female friend got out of the vehicle to get money.  Secrest threatened the victim with a machete then drove off with the victim and refused to let her out.  The victim told police she was relieved to see officers and thought her friend had called police.  It was later determined officers and detectives were unaware the kidnapping had occurred.

The Albuquerque Police Officers and Detectives on this call did an outstanding job at apprehending Secrest and rescuing a kidnapped victim.  Secrest is a repeat offender who was released from jail with other auto theft charges still pending. 

Officers did this safely, professionally and with no injuries to themselves or the community.  This again shows the partnership between the Albuquerque Police Department and the LoJack Corporation is a valuable asset and possibly saved a young girls life.