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APD Releases Videos of Probation Violation Arrest

June 5, 2020

APD is releasing documents and videos associated with the probation violation arrest of Clifton White, following a protest that turned violent last Thursday.

Officers responded to multiple shots fired calls in the area between Copper and Domingo Rd. shortly after 11:00 p.m. Additional shots were fired on Wisconsin and Central. The shootings occurred two to three blocks from where the protestors were located at Wyoming and Central. A police helicopter noted shots being fired from a silver Kia through the vehicle’s sunroof in the area.

APD waited until the vehicle was away from protestors before conducting a traffic stop. The driver, later identified as Noah Tapia, 18, fled on foot heading northbound on Mesilla. Officers on scene noted he was reaching for his waistband as he fled.

Tapia was tracked by APD’s helicopter to a nearby yard where he hid. He later surfaced and walked back to the scene with his hands up. APD detained Tapia and three juvenile occupants of the vehicle. Watch video from APD’s helicopter here.

While the occupants were detained, Clifton White appeared on scene and interfered as officers were attempting to place Tapia’s younger brother in a police vehicle. That interaction is captured in the video here (Please be cautioned that the video contains intense language).  At this time another individual broke out the window of a police vehicle and fled, as White escalated the situation.

Police took the individuals into custody and left the vehicle at the scene on Mesilla because a large crowd was gathering and threatening officers. Additional gun shots were also reported in the area. Officers were instructed to clear the area for everyone’s safety.

At 12:42 a.m. police noticed a subject enter the silver Kia that was left on Mesilla. APD’s helicopter followed the vehicle, believed to be stolen, and officers conduct a traffic stop at 1:02 a.m. (Video Here.) The driver refused to identify himself and continuously refused to follow orders from officers. Those officers notified White that he was suspected of conspiracy because he took the vehicle that was the subject of an investigation. Officers eventually determined the driver of the Kia was Clifton White.

At 1:05 a.m. officers were advised that another crowd was gathering.  Because of the danger of the same crowd officers had encountered an hour before, the decision was made to release White and drive the car to the substation to have it sealed pending a search warrant. 

At 1:17 a.m. the vehicle was taken to the SE substation, and officers cleared the scene; White is released (video here).

Officers discovered White was on probation for violent felonies, and they were obligated to notify the state Probation and Parole office of the interactions. The Probation and Parole office issued an order indicating White violated several conditions of his probation. APD officers later assisted in the arrest of White for that probation violation. White had a hearing on Thursday in which evidence was presented.

The investigation into these incidents is ongoing. We will share additional information as it becomes available.

Download the arrest order for Clifton White.