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APD released details of SWAT incident

Friday, Aug. 5, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque Police Department released details today of a recent critical incident that resulted in the death of a teen-age boy.



Date of Incident: July 6-7, 2022

Location: 8109 San Joaquin Ave. S.E.


On July 6, 2022, APD detectives were searching for Qiaunt Kelley, a convicted felon who had an arrest warrant for violating parole. Kelley was suspected of several violent crimes, including a homicide and a shooting. He was later charged for those crimes after this incident. As detectives attempted to arrest Kelley, he fled into a home at 8109 San Joaquin Ave., S.E. A teen-ager, later identified as Brett Rosenau, followed Kelley into the home. Both individuals barricaded themselves inside the home and refused to exit. SWAT officers from APD and the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office tried for several hours to convince them to peacefully exit the home.


The stand-off ended after officers noticed smoke coming from the house. They used the drone and robot to attempt to locate the source of the smoke. They determined a fire was active inside the home. As fire fighters arrived, Kelley exited the residence with burn injuries. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and later arrested. Rosenau was found deceased inside the home.


Fire investigators classified the fire as accidental. A Tri-Chamber munition that was introduced into the front window landed on a mattress in the room where the fire originated. AFR’s preliminary conclusion is the Tri-Chamber cannot be eliminated as an ignition source of the fire.







July 6, 2022


12:40 p.m.     Qiaunt Kelley was observed by police detectives in the neighborhood near 8109 San Joaquin SE.


12:58 p.m.     Kelley was seen going in and out of the house at 8109 San Joaquin SE


6:47 p.m.        Detectives attempted to arrest Kelley who was outside, in front of the house. He ran north along the east side of the house into the back yard. He is confronted by detectives who give him commands to surrender. He was seen entering a shed or storage area connected to the home.


                        A juvenile, later identified as Brett Rosenau, 15, also ran into the backyard and was seen by detectives as he attempted to jump over the back wall. A detective gave him commands to surrender, but he refused and ran into the same opening of the shed that Kelley entered.


7 p.m.             The perimeter is secured and SWAT is called


9:18 p.m.        Judge signed a search warrant for the home


9:45 p.m.        SWAT took over the scene


10:03 p.m.     APD robot set up the public address system and throw phone. Crisis Negotiations Team advised to begin public address announcements


10:32 p.m.     Tarp removed from shed opening by APD robot. Attempted to gain visual inside opening. Lots of clutter observed inside.


11 p.m.           Drone entered home to look for occupants. The drone crashed inside the home before it reached the rooms were the two individuals were believed to be.


11:14 p.m.     APD lieutenant explained the situation to the family that lives at 8109 San Joaquin SE


10:44 – 12:26 a.m.   Light, sound and gas deployments


July 7, 2022


12:29 a.m.     Kelley appeared out of the back of the house for several minutes following the gas deployments. He ignored orders to surrender and returned inside the home.


1:06 a.m.        Additional light, sound and gas deployments


1:06 a.m.        BCSO Tri-Chamber deployment into front window that is later determined to be the room where the fire ignited.


2:32 a.m.        BCSO sergeant smelled smoke


2:36 a.m.        AFR called and notified of possible fire observations


2:45 a.m.        Warnings to residents to exit out the front door.


2:47 a.m.        Smoke noticed at the front window


3:02 a.m.        Robot attempted unsuccessfully to remove Tri-Chamber canister in the front room where smoke was observed.


3:04 a.m.        Rook removed the mattress, which was on fire, from the front room. But the fire had spread within that room.


3:08 a.m.        AFR requested a full fire dispatch as the first Engine, which was staged nearby, moved up to the fully engulfed fire. APD officers and BCSO deputies used shields to protect the firefighters as they fought the fire with water from the outside of the house.


3:16 a.m.        Kelley exited the home through front entrance. He was carried to a rescue unit staged nearby, and then transported to the hospital. Kelley tells firefighters and officers that his “little brother” was still inside the home.


3:31 a.m.        Firefighters locate Brett Rosenau in a front room that is west of the room where the fire started. He is not conscious and not breathing.


3:33 a.m.        Firefighters carry Brett Rosenau outside of the home and he is declared to be deceased.


3:37 a.m.        The Fire was considered under control