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APD officers to get 5% pay raise, followed by 4% next year

Pay Raise
July 14, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – APD officers will receive a 5% pay raise under a new contract signed by Mayor Tim Keller and union leaders today, once again making the department the highest-paying law enforcement agency in the state.

The contract will head to the City Council for approval.

“Mayor Keller’s investment in our police officers puts us in a great position as we work to recruit new officers and keep the hard-working officers who are putting in the hard work every day to keep Albuquerque safe,” APD Chief Harold Medina said. “This 5% raise with another 4% next year sends a strong message that we support our officers. They deserve all the support we can give them.”

“Fighting crime continues to be our top priority. That means we have to support the officers we have and work to expand the department,” Mayor Tim Keller said. “Our investments are paying off with more people signing up to join the force and more officers choosing stay with APD.”

The 5% pay increase will go into effect the first pay period after members of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association vote to ratify the deal. Salaries for sworn officers will be in effect for the budget year that started this month and goes through June 2024. Salaries will increase a minimum of 4% for the next budget year that starts in July 2024.

Recent APD investments in officer recruitment:

Police Cadets

The class that starts the Police Academy on July 17 will earn a substantial starting salary, making the profession more attractive.

  • Cadets will be paid $28.84 an hour or $60,000 annually, a 37% pay increase.
  • Patrolmen 2nd Class will be paid $30.28 an hour or $63,000 a year, a 31% pay increase.

Lateral Officers

APD’s Lateral Class that started May 22 has 14 officers who have experience with other police agencies. The class is the largest in four years when APD experienced a boost of transfers due to higher salaries. Laterals with more than 2 years of experience have will receive a pay increase from $30.32 an hour to $31.89


Police Service Aides

The next PSA class starts July 31. APD currently has 47 Police Service Aides, the highest the department has ever employed. Chief Medina is hiring more PSA’s to take on roles like taking reports for minor traffic crashes and blocking streets during investigations so sworn officers can respond to higher-priority incidents.

The PSA program also serves as a pipeline of future officers to join the rank and file. PSA’s are being paid $16.20 an hour, up from $15.43. 


APD started a new retention package in October 2022 that provided incentives for experienced officers who might otherwise consider retiring. As a result, there have been 18 retirements during that 8-month period. APD matched national trends in retirements prior to this year. In 2021, 97 officers retired; in 2022, 50 officers retired.

The retention package provides officers who meet qualifications with an additional $1,500 dollars at the end of each month, and 10% of their medical is paid for by the city.

Anyone interested in working for APD can apply at