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APD Officers Arrest Wanted Offender with Ghost Gun

Albuquerque Police Department officers arrested a wanted offender with two firearms one of which was a ghost gun.

Fri. Jan. 20, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – Albuquerque Police Department officers arrested a wanted offender with two firearms one of which was a ghost gun.

On Tuesday January 17, 2023, officers from the Valley Area Command responded to the area of 2nd Street and Arvada Ave. N.W. Officers responded to the area due to individuals trespassing on NMDOT property.

While in the area, officers spotted a male, identified as Andrew Marler, 22, walking with a bike. When officers made announcements to Marler that he was trespassing, they observed a gun fall from his clothing and hit the ground. Marler then tried to flee on his bike.

Officers were able to detain Marler and place him into custody. During a search of weapons, they located a large extended capacity handgun magazine, a pocket knife, pepper spray and a baton on Marler’s person. Officers than picked up the gun that fell on the ground and saw it had no visible serial number. Marler told officers it was a Polymer80 and he purchased on a website. He then stated the gun came in pieces and he had to assemble it, often referred to as a ghost gun.

Upon a further search of Marler’s items, officers located methamphetamine, and other pills. They also found another black handgun with a serial number that had been shaved off. The handle was cut off and was separate from the gun. There as a gold barrel, a spring and a black slide with the lower portion of the handgun inside a bag, along with three 9mm bullets. Officers then located a third extended handgun magazine, and a bullet in the chamber of the ghost gun.

When officers asked Marler about the firearm with the shaved off serial number, he told them he’d purchased it for $400 from a friend and said it didn’t work. Later, Marler stated he had actually purchased the guns in Arizona by a private party and said he paid $750 for both guns, the magazines and ammunition.

Marler was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Unlawful Carrying of a Deadly Weapon, Resisting/Evading an Officer, Criminal Trespass, as well as an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

Officers did contact ATF, and they are looking into the case.

Visit APD’s Facebook page for video of the arrest.