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APD Makes 93 Arrests During Warrant Roundup

The Albuquerque Police Department arrested 93 offenders on outstanding warrants during a three-day operation.

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque Police Department arrested 93 offenders on outstanding warrants during a three-day operation.

On September 26-28, APD’s Field Services Bureau along with the Investigative, Special Operations and Management Services and Support Bureaus teamed up with New Mexico State Police and the Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Division to conduct a citywide warrant roundup.

The teams specifically focused on offenders wanted for violent crime and property crimes. These individuals primarily had multiple felony warrants for Auto Theft, Burglary, and Robbery in an effort to reduce these criminal offenders victimizing the community.

Of the 93 offenders arrested, a total of 111 felony warrants were cleared, 36 new felony charges were filed, 27 misdemeanor warrants were cleared, 3 misdemeanor arrests were made, 5 stolen vehicles recovered, and 1 firearm seized.  


Warrant Roundup Teams:

Northwest and Southwest: 17 Felony Warrants / 7 Misdemeanor Warrants 

Valley: 28 Felony Warrants / 6 Felony Arrests / 12 Misdemeanor Warrants / 1 Misdemeanor Arrest

Southeast: 15 Felony Warrants / 9 Felony Arrests / 1 Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Northeast: 27 Felony Warrants / 11 Felony Arrests / 4 Misdemeanor Warrants / 1 Misdemeanor Arrest

Foothills: 9 Felony Warrants / 3 Felony Arrests / 4 Misdemeanor Warrants / 1 Firearm Recovered  

Investigative Bureau: 4 Felony Warrants / 5 Felony Arrests / 4 Stolen Vehicles Recovered

Special Operations Bureau: 1 Felony Warrant

Probation and Parole: 10 Felony Warrants / 2 Felony Arrest / 1 Misdemeanor Arrest 



Maria Rameriez

Morrell Givens

Dominic Pacheco

Richard McDonald

Bobby Baker

Akol Franklin

Andres Gonzalez

William Berry

Zachary Hofman 

Michael Martinez

Brandon Lujan 

Dante Mitchell

Edwin Rodriguez Jr. 

Christopher Barela 

Joshua Saavedra

Brandon Lujan

Dominic Speer

Jorge Valenzuela 

Eric Madrigal 

David Bryant 

Lenora Sanchez

Richard Gilbert 

David Hackett

Bobby Garcia

Joshua Peralto

Eldrin Peralto

Kevin Lang

Dana Ward

Joseph Lopez 

Robert Jaramillo 

Jeriah Salas 

Frank Hernandez 

Daisy King

Jared Moir

Roxanne Thompson

Kristina Aragon

James Marlin 

Angelique Torres

Rodolfo Solis

Memorie Hernandez

Randy Lopez

Francisco Perez 

Christina Martinez

Charles Chavez

Angelina Atkins-Delayo

David Granados Ortega 

Christina Knight 

Brian Chavez 

Stephen Cabrera

Lee Tobler

Jerrill Jim

Dylan Beheler-Romero

Isaiah Garcia

Rachel Jaramillo

Andrew Niiha

Marcelo Aragon

Ricardo Abeyta

Ann Jaramillo

Dylan Jaramillo 

Carlos Newman

Luis Navarro

Jacob Mata

Joshua Rodriguez

Robert Decore

Joe Moya

Michael DeHerrera 

Kimberly Chavez

Joseph Salazar 

Sebastian Valencia

Jasper Reed

Arthur Berroteran 

Ramon Gonzalez 

Adrian Prevatt

Leslie Huff

Dylan Zisman

Marcos Sanchez

Michael Lucatorto

Amber McCardell

Marcos Barela

Sal Martinez

Rafael Robles

Vincent Garduno 

Phillip Chavez

Lario Augustine

Dennis Fernandez

Daniel Roybal

Ali Pommier

Rambo Apache

Felix Washburn 

Christopher Barela

Nicolasa Olivas

Trista Perry

Kylon Henry