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APD makes 121 arrests, clears 105 felony warrant in four-day warrant operation

September 29, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – APD officers arrested 121 people and cleared 105 felony warrants during a four-day, citywide operation.


APD has been focusing on suspects with warrants and making felony arrests throughout the year, which has helped reduce crime in key areas. Mayor Tim Keller and Chief Harold Medina also lobbied the Governor and Legislature for money to pay for overtime warrant operations.

APD worked with the District Attorney’s Office to target suspects with felony warrants as part of an ongoing anti-crime operation. The list, which has grown to about 500 suspects, is dynamic and increases and decreases as suspects are arrested, and other suspects are served with new felony warrants.

A warrant operation that began on Monday, Sept. 25 resulted in the following:

  • Felony warrants cleared: 105
  • New Felony arrests: 60

“Criminals need to know that they will face consequences for their crimes,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “If you have a warrant, you will get arrested. If you murder a child, APD will track you down. Every time.”

APD also highlighted two of the suspects in the Froylan Villegas case who had previous warrants prior to the shooting. Jose Romero had a warrant from 2020 for possession of a controlled substance and operation of a vehicle on approach of an emergency vehicle. Nathen Garley had a warrant from 2002 for unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon and negligent use of a deadly weapon.

“It’s clear that offenders think there won’t be consequences for their actions, that they can get away with murder. It’s time for them to know that APD will arrest them and they will be held accountable for breaking the law and putting our community at risk,” said Chief Harold Medina.