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APD Launches Operation to focus on Traffic Enforcement

Motors officers to increase visibility, target speeding during peak hours

Wed. Feb. 23, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – APD is launching an operation to free up traffic officers during peak hours to keep streets safe and prevent dangerous crashes.

In the past, APD’s Traffic Division, including the Motors Unit, primarily responded to vehicle crashes. That focus tied up the specialized unit during peak hours and left little time for proactive enforcement efforts.

The new operation, which will be in the form of a pilot project, will utilize Police Service Aides and patrol officers from the Field Services Bureau to respond to minor crashes. Drivers in minor crashes with no injuries are also encouraged to file reports at an APD substation.

The Traffic Division will saturate key areas around the city based on data that shows patterns of speeding, racing and dangerous driving.

Following the recent success of the Central Avenue Sunday night traffic operation, APD leaders decided to try similar tactics citywide. The Central Avenue Operation has already resulted in nearly 2,700 citations in just the first few weekends.

“We know, in just a short amount of time of constant enforcement along Central Avenue, we have not only begun to change driver behavior, but we are lowering call volume,” said Chief Harold Medina. “We must continue to show the public, and those who chose to drive recklessly, that we are out there, and we will be pulling you over and citing you for any and all traffic violations.”

This morning the Traffic Division conducted targeted enforcement along I-40 and I-25 between the hours of 8:00-11:00am. In just three hours, officers issued 134 citations and stopped one driver who was traveling on the interstate at 98 miles per hour.

“We have tried multiple avenues to change driver behavior and prevent fatal and serious injury crashes, to include a speeding campaign, and targeted operations,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We have seen the significant impact our Central Traffic Operation has had on slowing drivers down, and I am confident this shift in enforcement will make people think twice about driving recklessly.”

Below are the stats for the Central Corridor Operations:

January: 1,559 citations, 27 arrests

February: 1,093 citations, 11 arrests

Total: 2,652 citations, 38 arrests

In 2021, from January 1 through the end of February, 3,903 citation were issued by the Traffic Division. In 2022, year to date, the Traffic Division has significantly increased citations issued at 7,120.