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APD Homicide Investigation Update

APD Homicide Investigation Update

Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

ALBUQUERQUE - The Albuquerque Police Department released an update to a homicide investigation from July.


A case from July 5, 2021 has been changed from a homicide to accidental death, and will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.  


The Office of the Medical Investigator determined the decedent, James Carmody, died as a result of the toxic effects of cocaine in the setting of physical restraint.


Detectives determined Carmody illegally entered the yards of at least two families, broke into the structure of one of the houses, and continued to run up and down the street and return to the private yards of families despite them telling him to leave. After he jumped a back wall and fell down and possibly struck yard objects, three males restrained him in a stomach-down, prone position and waited for officers to arrive. There were no reports or findings of blunt trauma.


With the change in status of this case, APD now has a total of 85 homicide cases and 89 homicide victims for the year. These are cases that APD is investigating. There were no homicides in the past 7 days; there have been 3 homicides in the month of October.


In addition, there are 4 homicide cases that may change in status as investigators complete their investigations. APD posts a weekly update on homicide investigations every Monday on its web site.