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APD Hires Nearly 100 Police Service Aides

Highest number of PSA’s in department history, adding to pipeline of future officers
March 13, 2024

The Albuquerque Police Department has nearly 100 Police Service Aides with a new academy class of 27 people that started this week. When the group graduates, there will be 92 PSA’s on Albuquerque’s streets to assist sworn officers.

On Tuesday, Chief Harold Medina welcomed the 47th Police Service Aide class, with 27 new PSAs. The 27 individuals will join the 65 PSAs currently employed, bringing the total to 92.

Historically, APD had roughly 30 PSA’s within the department during any given year. In 2022, Chief Medina decided to ramp up recruiting efforts for Police Service Aides, as many candidates often have aspirations of becoming police officers. The number jumped to 59 PSA’s in 2023 after the new initiative.

“Police Service Aides serve a key role as they assist sworn officers and take on duties like traffic control and responses to minor vehicle crashes that frees up officers to respond to more urgent calls,” said Chief Harold Medina. “Bringing on more PSA’s means a higher likelihood those individuals will become officers, as they are required to apply for sworn roles when eligible, and that in turn will make our city safer.”


There is currently a $1,500 hiring bonus and requirements are as follows:

  • -       Must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have intention of becoming a police officer
  • -       High school diploma or GED
  • -       Must pass the Police Service Aide Written Examination and other required examinations
  • -       Must pass a Class I physical examination
  • -       Vision must be correct to 20/30 or better in both eyes
  • -       Must be a United States citizen or have a valid work permit
  • -       Must be able to do work shift work
  • -       Must not have any felony convictions
  • -       Must pass rigid background investigation
  • -       Must attempt to proceed into the sworn rank
  • -       Must apply for sworn rank when eligible and if rejected, must reapply for the next class


Interested candidates can apply at