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APD highlights 47 suspects arrested this year for homicides

APD highlights 47 suspects arrested this year for homicides

May 19, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – APD Homicide investigations have resulted in charges or arrests of 47 murder suspects since the beginning of the year.


The flurry of arrests represents a dramatic increase of solved cases that Homicide detectives have diligently worked since a spike in murders in 2021.


“In my time at APD, I don’t recall this level of murder arrests in such a short period of time,” Chief Harold Medina said. “Since the day I took over as chief, I prioritized support for investigations. I also pushed the entire Investigations Bureau for results. These results, and these arrests, reflect the hard work of the detectives and everyone who supports them. They carry the heaviest burden with these investigations – from start to finish. They deserve the credit for these arrests.”


Of the 47 murder suspects, 23 face charges related to murders committed this year; another 24 suspects were charged or arrested for murders committed in previous years. Four suspects are deceased, and three are considered fugitives.


Mayor Keller said the success of recent homicide investigations are encouraging, but pointed to the Mother’s Day tragedy that resulted in the death of two teen-agers as another example of the consequences of a broken criminal justice system. The Mayor said he will reconvene the Metro Crime Initiative to tackle issues that were not addressed during the last legislative session, as well as renewed attention to gun violence, drug addiction, and domestic violence.


“As we have seen around the country and here in Albuquerque, gun violence is the most urgent challenge we face,” Mayor Keller said. “It takes every piece of the criminal justice system owning their part of the solution and holding each other accountable to make real change. We know we cannot stem the violence overnight, but as this progress at APD and the first steps we took through the Metro Crime Initiative show, no one should become indifferent. Our communities deserve a continued, all-out movement for safety.”