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APD Auto Theft Sting Nets Results

Four-day auto theft sting results in 22 felony arrests and the recovery of 23 stolen vehicles.

January 30, 2018

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) today announced the outcome of a four-day auto theft sting that resulted in 22 felony arrests and the recovery of 23 stolen vehicles.

Using data from APD’s Real Time Crime Center, officers combined resources to target the Southeast quadrant of Albuquerque where most stolen vehicles are recovered. The strategy was designed with the community policing principle of tactical restraint. When officers search for stolen vehicles, offenders may flee. Rather than initiate a dangerous pursuit, officers relied on air support to monitor the stolen vehicle until it reached its destination where officers from other units teamed up to arrest the offenders.

Mayor Tim Keller said APD is following through with his commitment to fight crime from all sides.

“We have a long way to go to reduce crime in our city, but I am encouraged by the results of this initial auto theft sting,” Mayor Keller said. “Auto theft can hit Albuquerque’s families hard and can also be associated with other crimes. Our communities deserve to feel safe and I appreciate the officers for getting out there to work with the community and tackle this problem.”

“We need targeted enforcement strategies to keep communities safe,” said APD Chief Mike Geier. “It’s important to note that we are taking a comprehensive approach to fighting crime in Albuquerque – one that is based on sound community policing strategies.”

APD Deputy Chief Harold Medina said the coordination among APD units helped to make the sting more effective, while minimizing the danger to the public.

“As part of our strategy, we will work with each community to evaluate the results of these stings, while prioritizing effectiveness and responsiveness to the people who live, work and play in these neighborhoods,” Deputy Chief Medina said.

The results of the sting included:

Recovered vehicles

  • 23 total cars recovered
  • 16 occupied recovered (3 fled)
  • 7 unoccupied recovered

Arrests and warrants

  • 22 felony arrests
  • 19 felony warrants
  • 4 misdemeanor arrests
  • 7 misdemeanor warrants

Other citations

  • 158 traffic stops
  • 35 traffic citations
  • 16 towed vehicles

Mayor Keller and APD leadership are also supporting House Bill 52 and Senate Bill 24 to make it more difficult for thieves to sell stolen vehicles to auto recycler businesses.