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APD arrests two offenders following multiple ShotSpotter activations

2 firearms recovered, one stolen, along with nearly 200 rounds of ammunition
June 11, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – Officers with the Albuquerque Police Department arrested Enzo Parra Jimenez, 21, and David Arias, 19, following ShotSpotter activations indicating a moving shooter.

On June 8, 2024 shortly before 3:00p.m., Officers in the Southeast Area Command received alerts of several ShotSpotter activations in the area of 900 Florida Street S.E. Officers saturated the area looking for the shooter or shooters and spoke with several witnesses who were able to provide a description of the offenders and the vehicle they were driving.

Shortly after, officers located the vehicle matching the description, a blue Chevy Malibu and made contact with the driver and passenger. They noticed a gun inside the vehicle and were able to safely detain the two males. Witnesses were able to identify Jimenez and Parras as the suspects from the vehicle shooting.

Jimenez was arrested, charged with four counts of Shooting from a Motor Vehicle. Arias was arrested and charged with four counts of Conspiracy.

A search warrant was executed on the vehicle and the following items were recovered:

  • Glock 19 9mm Pistol (Reported Stolen) - This firearm was located concealed in the rear seat of the vehicle hastily stuffed between the seat cushion and back cushion.  This firearm was compatible with the loaded Glock Magazine observed in the area in front of David Arias' feet when the vehicle was stopped.
  • Walther PDP 9mm Pistol: The firearm was disassembled within a backpack in the front passenger floorboard, where Enzo described the firearm being. 
  • Spent Casing: 1 Win 9mm Luger spent casing located between rear passenger seat and rear passenger door
  • Magazines and Accessories:

    -1 Walther Pistol Box from rear passenger seat
    -1 extended Glock Magazine located loaded with 40 rounds 9mm ammunition from under front passenger seat
    - 1 empty magazine from inside black Walther Box
    -2 Walther Magazines located loaded with 18 rounds each within Walther Box
    -1 Walther Magazine located loaded with 17 rounds ammunition in backpack in front passenger seat
  • Ammunition:
    - (1)Single 9mm round inside backpack in front passenger floorboard
    - 17 rounds 9mm from inside Walther Magazine in backpack
    - 18 rounds 9mm from inside Walther Magazine in black gun box back seat
    - 18 rounds 9mm from inside Walther Magazine in black gun box back seat
    - 15 rounds 9mm from inside Glock Magazine under driver seat
    - 40 rounds 9mm from inside extended Glock magazine from under front  passenger seat
    - 50 rounds of Winchester Defense JHP 9mm ammo and box
    - 30 rounds Armscor USA 9mm Ammo and box from inside Gucci bag in front passenger floorboard
    - 1 empty Armscor USA ammo box from under driver seat

For video of the arrests, please visit this link.