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APD Arrests Suspect from 2020 Murder

Homicide arrest
February 15, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – APD detectives arrested Carlos Morris today for the 2020 murder of Teryn Kurtz at a Southeast Heights apartment.

Officers initially encountered Morris, 48, when they responded to the scene of the shooting at 1200 Ortiz Dr., S.E. Morris was covered in blood as he tried to place Kurtz’s deceased body in the passenger side of a dark blue Honda sedan. There was a large bottle of Clorox bleach behind Morris and after he was handcuffed, officers located a handgun in his front pocket.

Officers followed a blood trail to an area with pools of blood and eventually to an apartment later determined to be rented by Morris.

Morris told detectives at the time that someone else shot Kurtz, and he attempted to perform CPR after the shooting. However, the autopsy report did not reveal any signs of chest compressions and the detective determined other details from the autopsy did not match with the explanation provided by Morris.

Homicide detectives obtained an arrest warrant on Tuesday and Morris was arrested this afternoon in Northeast Albuquerque. Morris is charge with an open count of murder and tampering with evidence.