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APD arrests man for weekend homicide

APD arrests man for weekend homicide.

Feb. 14, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE -- APD detectives today arrested Kaya Brown, 20, and charged him for the weekend murder of Ryan White during a party at a Northeast Heights apartment.


The victim, White, was a party with Brown and others on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022, at an apartment located at 5328 Montgomery Blvd. N.E. Another individual, who was friends with both White and Brown, also showed up at the party. Witnesses said White was attempting to repair his relationship with that friend, and they agreed to put away the guns they had with them, and engage in a boxing match on the patio to settle their differences.


According to witnesses, White unloaded his handgun and gave it to his girlfriend. He also placed another firearm on the couch. The other individual took out his handgun, unloaded it, and gave it to his girlfriend. White and the other individual hugged and proceeded to the patio to box.


Brown picked up the loaded firearm from the couch, stated “I got beef with these niggas,” and started firing at both men. White was shot in the chest and died as a result of the wound. The other individual crouched down, attempting to find cover from the bullets. Witnesses said Brown fired several more rounds, while backing out of the apartment. He looked at two of the party-goers and fired two more rounds into the ceiling, then dropped the firearm before leaving the apartment.


Brown is charged with an open count of murder. He was booked into the Metro Detention Center.