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APD arrests 8 repeat offenders during holiday operation in Uptown

Dec. 24, 2022

APD’s Organized Crime Unit and the Northeast Proactive Response Team arrested eight repeat felony offenders, and summonsed three others during a Holiday operational plan in the Uptown Shopping District.

Among those arrested were:

- Marileysi Campos (3/28/2001)- arrested for a felony warrant for shoplifting

- Andrea Lujan (5/6/1991)- arrested for a felony warrant for burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor

- Adrian Aguero (2/2/1993)- issued a criminal summons for misdemeanor shoplifting($244.98)

- Dominic Bottijliso (8/6/1990)- arrested for possession of a controlled substance (fentanyl)

- Oscar Carbajal (8/7/1982)- arrested for both felony and misdemeanor warrants

- Nicodemas Soloman Garcia (10/30/1994)- arrested for felony larceny ($998.00), conspiracy to commit a fourth degree felony, tampering with evidence, 2 felony warrants, and criminal damage to property under $1000

-Melanie Campos (3/6/1991)- cited for misdemeanor shoplifting

-Jeffery Sanchez (4/22/1994)- arrested for 3 felony warrants

-Nathan Castillo (9/20/1976)- cited for misdemeanor shoplifting ($172.00)

-Nicholas Blas (9/18/1992)- arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting ($469.99), compounding a crime, and possession of a controlled substance

-Jacob Barger (8/5/1989)- arrested for 2 felony warrants for forgery and possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor warrant for traffic violations

**Along with the arrests, law enforcement recovered over $1,800.00 in stolen merchandise, and returned it to the businesses. In addition, there were multiple Criminal Trespass Notices issued to those arrested as well as several others.

This organized retail crime initiative continues to provide positive relationships between law enforcement and the Retail Asset Protection community. Along with numerous felony arrests, recent and continued investigations into retail crime have yielded information regarding the narcotics trade, stolen motor vehicles and other criminal activity. Investigation into the above described crimes is ongoing.