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APD arrests 19-year-old for fatal shooting at movie theater

Homicide Arrest
June 26, 2023

Monday, June 26, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – APD homicide detectives charged 19-year-old Enrique Padilla with the fatal shooting Saturday of Michael Tenorio during a dispute over seats at the Century Rio movie theater in Northeast Albuquerque.

Several witnesses told police that a man, later identified as Padilla, arrived at the movie theater with his girlfriend and confronted Tenorio, 52, and his wife who were sitting in seats that were reserved by Padilla. Staff at the theater tried to help resolve the dispute, but the confrontation between the two couples continued to the point where Padilla threw a bucket of popcorn at Tenorio and his wife.

The two men stood up and Tenorio pushed Padilla back toward a wall. At that point several shots were fired, striking Tenorio, who fell to the ground. Tenorio’s wife said she saw a green laser beam coming from Padilla just prior to the shots being fired. She said she believed the laser came from a handgun. Witnesses said Padilla fled the area on foot after the shooting. His girlfriend engaged in a physical fight with Tenorio’s wife before the girlfriend also ran from the scene.

An off-duty APD officer who was at the theater saw the disturbance and stepped in after the shooting to attempt life-savings measures. However, Tenorio died at the scene as a result of the gunshot wounds.

Padilla was later found hiding behind a bush outside of an emergency exit at the theater. He was wounded and asked a bystander to call 911 because he had been shot. Officers arrived and provided aid to Padilla who was transported to the hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound. An APD sergeant obtained Padilla’s information prior to him leaving for the hospital, and noted that Padilla matched the description of the suspect that witnesses were describing as the shooter.

Homicide detectives later located the gun believed to be used in the shooting. It was located near the spot where Padilla had been hiding. Eight bullet casings were located inside the theater where the shooting occurred, one casing matched the same brand and caliber casing located in the bush where Padilla was hiding.