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APD Arrest Man for Stabbing Death of 73-year-old Victim in Southwest ABQ

Homicide Arrest
February 07, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – APD detectives arrested Jesus Secatero for the Jan. 27, 2024, stabbing death of Fred Tapia during a confrontation in front of a cannabis dispensary. Jesus’s brother, Antonio Secatero, is also wanted on charges for the murder of Tapia.

Tapia, 73, and a friend were driving a truck on Jan. 27 when they encountered two men and a woman in the middle of the road in front of the Breaking Buds smoke shop at 8715 Central Ave., N.W. The driver of the truck said he drove around the pedestrians and as he and Tapia exited the vehicle, the two men accused him of trying to run them over. After a verbal argument, the driver said one of the men kicked Tapia in the chest, knocking him down.

A physical fight ensued as the driver of the truck retreated to grab a pipe from his truck to defend himself. He tripped and fell to the ground, and he said one of the men stabbed him several times in the upper and lower abdomen and the left arm.

Surveillance video from the dispensary shows the two men, later identified as Antonio Secatero, 25, and Jesus Secatero, 24, approach Tapia and the driver of the truck in a hostile manner. Both men were armed with knives. A large rock was thrown at the driver, which prompted others involved in the fight to throw rocks at each other. The actual stabbing cannot be seen in the video, but the two brothers with knives can be seen making motions consistent with downward stabs toward the area where the driver of the truck was.

Both victims were transported to the hospital to be treated for the stab wounds. Tapia suffered wounds to his lungs, and he later died as a result of the wounds.

As detectives worked to identify the suspects, they sent photos from the surveillance video to APD employees. A cadet in the police academy recognized the men from past encounters when he worked for a non-profit health clinic. The cadet said the men frequented the clinic where they were offered services.

Antonio Secatero and Jesus Secatero are charged with murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.