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APD and Jiffy Lube Partner to Spread the Word on Free Catalytic Converter VIN Etching

500 Catalytic Converters Etched so far

May 10, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque Police Department has partnered with Jiffy Lube to provide free VIN etching on catalytic converters.

Hundreds of catalytic converters have been stolen over the last few years. The auto part, which sits under the bottom of vehicles, are often targeted as they contain minerals like platinum, palladium, and rodium that can be sold for high dollar amounts.

Once the part is stolen off a vehicle, it will cost upwards of $1,500 dollars to replace and will emit harmful gas and could even harm the engine’s performance. 

APD and Jiffy Lube have partnered for free VIN etching on catalytic converters to hopefully prevent more victims of this type of theft. Jiffy Lube technicians will first paint a stripe of bright paint on the catalytic converter, then they will engrave the vehicle’s VIN over the paint stripe.

Jiffy Lube has seen success with the program in other states and is looking to expand statewide. The service is being offered at no charge, and even to individuals who are not customers of Jiffy Lube. If interested, a car owner simply has to enter a Jiffy Lube location and request the etching, no appointment required. 

“We continue to target all crime from every angle possible, and catalytic converters are no exception”, said Chief Harold Medina. “I applaud our partners at Jiffy Lube for joining forces with the police department to help combat this growing issue, as we cannot fix this alone.”

Since mid-April, 500 vehicles have been etched since Jiffy Lube first began the free VIN etching. The hope is that the more vehicles VIN etched, the more it will deter thieves from stealing the part and it will make it easier for law enforcement to track and help prosecute. Jiffy Lube’s initial goal is to etch 50,000 converters by the end of the year.

Jiffy Lube in New Mexico is locally owned and operated.  “We love New Mexico, it is our home” said Richard Jones, President/CEO. “We will do all we can to help reduce crime in the area.”  Jiffy Lube locations are setup to quickly and easily mark and etch the accessible catalytic converters of any passenger vehicle.