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“Wobbly Tire Bandit” Charged with 122 Felonies

New charges for Abie Chavez
January 17, 2024

APD detectives charged Abie Chavez, identified as the “Wobbly Tie Bandit,” with 122 felonies and cleared 23 cases after an investigation revealed he was linked to approximately 34 burglary cases. 


In October 2023, APD learned of the “Wobbly Tire Bandit” when a series of crimes were reported of a male flagging down elderly women, advising them they had a “wobbly” tire. Once he gained their trust by offering to help them, he would reach into their vehicles and steal their purses. During the early investigation, it was discovered that Chavez was using his two juvenile daughters, 8 and 12, either through coercion or force, to assist him in his crime spree. After leaving the scene, Chavez would use the victims’ credit cards to make fraudulent purchases.


The charges included a robbery charge after Chavez used force in one incident to take a purse from one of the victims. During the struggle, the victim hit her shoulder and the purse was yanked from her person.


While the “wobbly tire” investigation was ongoing, Chavez was taken into custody on unrelated charges. It was revealed that Chavez had been using a reported stolen vehicle out of Las Vegas, NV, that he drove to Albuquerque. Detectives found the stolen vehicle outside of his residence and booked him on charges for the stolen vehicle and a probation violation.


Chavez has remained in custody at MDC since his arrest in October 2023.