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$1.3 Million in Stolen Vehicles Recovered

LoJack assists agencies across the state in recovering stolen vehicles.

In the year 2016, the LoJack System has assisted agencies across NM to recover just over $1.3 million in stolen vehicles with most being recovered in the Albuquerque Area.  This being a total of 121 recoveries in 2016 some being the same day and/or minutes after the theft.  The quick turn around reduces the chances of a stolen vehicle being used in other crimes and reduces the chances of the vehicle being stripped down for parts. 

The Albuquerque Police Department has a partnership with the LoJack Corporation in an effort to recover stolen vehicles equipped with the LoJack system.  This system is very effective and assists law enforcement in safely recovering a stolen vehicle and in most cases make an arrest.  The system activates upon the time the vehicle is entered as a stolen vehicle and alerts police vehicles equipped with a LoJack Police Tracking Computer.  This accurately leads officers to the location of the stolen vehicle.  This is all done silently from the stolen vehicle and allows officers to locate the vehicle without the thief knowing what is happening.  This gives officers the advantage to enter the area, formulate a plan and reduces the chance of a police pursuit while allowing officers to place these offenders into custody.  This makes it possible for the Albuquerque Police Department to keep the community and its officers safe while still getting the job done!

This is all done with zero cost to the department as LoJack provides and installs the tracking devices for police agencies free of charge.  This gives agencies the ability to utilize a new tool while saving the cost of purchasing this tool to the tax payers.

The Albuquerque Police Department is proud to be partnered with such a great company that is dedicated to reduce crime and provide the ability to return stolen property to its rightful owner.  These partnerships help the Albuquerque Police Department and other agencies across the state utilize a great tool in an effort to reduce auto theft and improve the recovery rate of these vehicles.