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APD’s Ambassador Program was created in the fall of 2020 and was designed to facilitate clear, consistent lines of communication with different groups within the community who have not previously had a voice with the police. Building trust with the community is a critical component to making the public safer.

When APD began recruiting officers to become Ambassadors for diverse groups within the community, there was tremendous interest and the unit continues to grow.

APD Ambassador officers are expected to host at least one scheduled formal communication event each month and provide monthly briefings to Chief Medina. The Ambassadors outline topics of discussion and provide the department with suggestions in which APD can improve in community relations based on the conversations they are having with the different groups they are working with.

The Ambassadors are also required to arrange at least one lunchtime discussion with APD cadet classes and their designated community group.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Lt. Jennifer Garcia

Lt. Jennifer Garcia

Community Engagement Unit Supervisor

Jennifer is a Native Burquena, raised on the west side of Albuquerque. She attended NMHU and the UNM where she earned a BA in psychology and a MA in Counseling and Guidance. Prior to joining APD in 2003, she worked as a youth a family counselor at a local non-profit agency and shelter and also served as a treatment coordinator for a youth residential facility. Jennifer is currently assigned to the Community Engagement Section and oversees numerous units to include the Ambassador Program.

Lt. Garcia's Contact Info: [email protected]

Officer Brett Garcia

Officer Brett Garcia

Faith Community Ambassador

Officer Brett Garcia has been a member with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2015. He was born in Tacoma, Washington and graduated from the University of New Mexico. Officer Garcia is currently working on completing his Masters in Public Administration. Garcia is a husband, father, and man of Faith. He loves long walks in the desert and in his free time he enjoys archery, hunting, escape rooms, kettlebells, and eating way too many desserts.

Officer Garcia's Contact Info: [email protected]

Headshot of Officer Chase Jewell.

Officer Chase Jewell

LGTBQ Community Ambassador

Chase, a born and raised Albuquerque native, has been a employee of the Albuquerque Police Department since 2018; and has served as a Police Officer since he has started with the department. Chase shares a passion for community oriented policing and ensuring the safety of the public here in Albuquerque. He believes that the Ambassador Program is an essential element in restoring trust and rebuilding relationships with often forgotten about communities. While being an officer, he has obtained certifications in Enhanced Crisis Intervention (ECIT), he works with our Mobile Crisis Team as an alternate officer, and is a member of the Emergency Response Team. Chase is also one of the Uniformed Public Information Officers. He holds a Bachelors in Public Communication and Political Science (focused in Constitutional Law).

Officer Jewell's Contact Info:[email protected]

Officer Emmanuel Solis

Officer Emmanuel Solis

Hispanic Community Ambassador

Officer Emmanuel Solis joined the Albuquerque Police Department in 2013. Officer Solis has volunteer to assist with different collateral duties within the department to include the PIO program for the Spanish stations and the Ambassadors program. Officer Solis’ Hispanic background has helped him better engage with the community.

Officer Solis' Contact Info: [email protected]

Headshot of Ambassador Luis Hernandez

Detective Luis Hernandez

Hispanic Community Ambassador

Detective Luis Hernandez has been with APD since December of 2005, and with the city since December of 2000. Detective Hernandez is working to invite members of the community to get involved in public safety and other matters that can make life better for all in the community.

Detective Hernandez is also working to gain the trust of the immigrant community by providing education and information on services provided and how our criminal justice system operates. He hopes to motivate the immigrant community to report crimes and build trust by providing and meeting realistic expectations of services and expectations.

Detective Hernandez's Contact Info:[email protected]

Headshot of Ambassador Diomedes Cordoba

Officer Diomedes Cordoba

Hispanic Community Ambassador

Diomedes Augusto Cordoba Diplakis was born and raised in Panama. He is 100% proud of his roots and traditions. Officer Cordoba came to the Land of Enchantment in 2011, and his been with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2018. He is half Panamanian and half Greek. Officer Cordoba is  bilingual certified by the department in Spanish, and he teaches the Spanish survival class for the cadets at the Academy.

Officer Cordoba is also currently assigned as a Bike patrol officer in the Foothills Area Command. Being Hispanic, he can understand the challenges and barriers of coming to a new country and making sacrifices to accomplish your goals and, in that way, being able to help the community in the best way possible. 

Officer Diomedes Cordoba contact info: [email protected]

Lt. Gerard Bartlett

Lt. Gerard Bartlett

Native American Community Ambassador

Gerard has been employed by the Albuquerque Police Department since 2006, and has been a sworn law enforcement officer since May of 2011. Initially, he worked as a patrolman in the Field Services Bureau where he also held collateral duties as a Crisis Negotiation Team Member, Gang Suppression Officer, and Field Training Officer.

After promotion to the rank of Sergeant in September of 2017, Gerard was assigned to the Valley Area Command where he worked in the downtown Entertainment District during weekend operations. He then was assigned as a first line supervisor for almost three years with the Albuquerque Police Department’s Central Narcotics Unit and Dangerous Drug Unit, which utilize undercover operations to dismantle drug trafficking organizations. Gerard was then briefly assigned to the Violence Intervention Program prior to promoting a second time to the rank of Lieutenant.

He is currently assigned the Valley Area Command, where he works as a Watch Commander for grave shift. Gerard also holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of New Mexico. He is married to the love of his life, has two young children, and two dogs.

Lt. Bartlett's Contact Info: [email protected]

Sgt. Michael Rico

Michael Rico

Native American and Asian Community Ambassador

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é, Michael Rico yinishyé. Hasht ł 'ishnii Nishlí dee chi łíí Tó Dine’é éí bashishchiin Kiyaa'áanii éí dashicheii dóó dee chi łíí Tó Dine’é éí dashinalí Ákót’éego diné nishłį́. Born in 1977 in Gallup, New Mexico. Enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. I grew up in the Mariano Lake-Pinedale, New Mexico area. I attended boarding school in Mariano Lake, NM and graduated from Gallup High School in 1995. Go Bengals!

I joined the Albuquerque Police Department in November 2007 (99th cadet class). I promoted to the rank of Sergeant in August 2021 and currently assigned to the Northwest Area Command.

I entered the US Navy in June 1999 and retired in July 2021 after 21 years of service. I am a Military Veteran and served as an Intelligence Specialist to include combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a Master’s Degree of Education (2015) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Administration (2007). I am committed to serve and I will strive to bring awareness to the strength and resilience of Native American and Asian People as your Ambassador for the Albuquerque Police Department. I will actively seek like-minded, goal-driven people to build a network of mutually beneficial relationships. I understand the importance of collaborating with others to look for ways to connect Law Enforcement with Indigenous and Asian communities locally and globally. I will seek methods to support and improve the community relationships to sustain Native American and Asian cultures. I will continue to validate Tribal teachings by practicing our traditional ways and participating in continuing to paying it forward for Indigenous and Asian Languages.

Sgt. Rico's Contact Info: [email protected]

Officer Greg Valentino

Officer Greg Valentino

Refugee Community Ambassador

Officer Greg Valentino has been with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2019, and has worked as a police officer since 2002. Officer Valentino is here to assist you however he can and encourages members of the Refugee Community to reach out if they would like to build a relationship with the police department and to express concerns they are having.

Officer Valentino's Contact Info: [email protected]

Lt. Juan Cabrera

Lt. Juan Cabrerra

Veteran Community Ambassador

Lt. Juan Cabrerra has been serving the Albuquerque community since 2003. Prior to his time with APD, Lt. Cabrerra was active duty U.S. Air Force in Albuquerque at Kirtland AFB.

Lt. Cabrerra joined the Army National Guard for six years before transferring to the Air Force Reserves and is still serving. In total, he has been serving the community for 19 years and has been serving our great nation for 24 years. He was in combat for two tours, one to Iraq (OIF) and one to Afghanistan (OEF).

Lt. Cabrerra's Contact Info: [email protected]

Sgt. Larry Middleton

Sgt. Larry Middleton

Veteran Community Ambassador

Sgt. Larry Middleton was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico. Middleton joined the Army 11 days after High School and served in the 82nd Airborne and was three years active duty in the Army.

Sgt. Middleton left the Army and got married to his High School sweetheart who was in the Air Force. He then joined her in the Air Force where he served four years Active Duty in Ramstien Germany. Middleton did Non-Destructive Inspections on Aircraft. During his time in the Air Force he was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq.

Sgt. Middleton left Active Duty in 2007 to join the Albuquerque Police Department. During his time with the Department, he has done field work, Field Investigator work, Major Crime Scene Team work, and was promoted and went back to the field and now runs the Southwest Area Commands Pro-active Response Team. This team is a community policing team. Middleton also runs the Albuquerque Police Department’s Lowrider Youth Leadership Program.

Sgt. Middleton's Contact Info:[email protected]

Headshot of Ambassador Mark Wells.

Officer Mark Wells

Faith Community Ambassador

Officer Mark Wells was born and raised in Albuquerque. He graduated from Highland High School in 2010 and has been a member of the Albuquerque Police Department since 2011. Wells is currently enrolled at Colorado Christian University to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

Officer Wells Contact Info: [email protected]

Sgt. Pete Silva

Sgt. Peter Silva

Senior Citizen Community Ambassador

Sergeant Peter Silva joined the Police Department in 2005 and the Recruiting Unit in 2020. He joined the Ambassador program in 2021. During his career he has been a Field Investigator, Field Training Officer, Emergency Response Team Member, and has had collateral duties as a C.A.R.E Officer and Enhanced Crisis Intervention Officer.

Sergeant Silva was also a member of several community policing initiatives such as the Police and Communities Together Unit, and Proactive Response Team for the Downtown Public Safety District. He now oversees the Recruiting Unit full time.

Sgt. Silva's Contact Info: [email protected]

Officer Robert Duren

Officer Rob Duren

African American Community Ambassador

Officer Rob Duren has been with the Albuquerque Police Department since March of 1989. His current duty assignment is an Instructor at the Police Academy with the Advanced Training Unit. Officer Duren moved to Albuquerque in 1984 from Los Angeles, CA.

Officer Duren's Contact Info:[email protected]

Headshot of Officer Hence Williams.

Officer Hence Williams

African American Community Ambassador

Hence Williams was born and raised in Portland, OR. He attended Purdue University on a track and field scholarship and received a bachelor’s degree in Law and Society. Hence went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from New Mexico State.

Officer Williams started his professional career as a social worker working with mothers addicted to methamphetamine and mentoring with juvenile drug court. Hence’s career in law enforcement started in 2005 when he became a probation officer with the United States Probation and Pretrial Agency. After 12 years with this agency, he joined the Albuquerque Police Department in 2017 to be a police officer and be closer to family.

Officer Williams' Contact Info: [email protected]


Officer Jeffrey Bludworth

Officer Jeffrey Bludworth

ADA Community Ambassador

Officer Jeff Bludworth joined the Albuquerque Police Department in 2012. He has served in all area commands, including bike patrol. Officer Bludworth is Enhanced Crisis Intervention Certified and served in the Crisis Intervention Unit as a home visit detective and instructor. Officer Bludworth is currently serving as an Advanced Training Instructor at the Albuquerque Police Academy. Bludworth helped create a Self-Care Interactive Online Network (SCION) to promote officer wellness and resilience.

Officer Bludworth joined the Ambassador Program in 2021. He represents the Americans with Disabilities Community.

Officer Bludworth's Contact Info: [email protected]


Officer Faith Vigil

Detective Faith Vigil

ADA Community Ambassador

Faith Vigil is a Detective currently assigned to the Violence Intervention Unit and an Ambassador for Americans with Disabilities. Detective Vigil chose this group because of her personal and professional experience. She found it important that our community members have someone from APD dedicated to advocating for them.

Prior to joining APD Detective Vigil participated in fundraising and events for Special Olympics. Her aunt who lived in her house for several years, is deaf and autistic. Detective Vigil is married with two kids who are learning sign language so that they are comfortable communicating with those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Her personal experiences have helped her become a better officer.

Detective Vigil's Contact Info: [email protected]

Headshot of Ambassador David Nix

Officer David Nix

ADA Community Ambassador

Officer David Nix started with the Albuquerque Police Department in 2008. During his first five years, Officer Nix worked in the Field Services Bureau mostly in the Southwest and Southeast Area Commands where he served as a Field Training Officer. Eventually, Nix served as a detective in the Burglary Unit and Homicide Unit and then returned to patrol where he resumed his role as a Field Training Officer. After a few years, Officer Nix transferred to the Internal Affairs Division where he specialized in Use of Force Investigations. Most recently, Officer Nix left Internal Affairs and is currently assigned to the SWAT Team in the Special Operations Division.

Officer Nix's Contact Info: [email protected]

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