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Samuel Almanza Mar. 21, 2018

Information about the homicide investigation of Samuel Almanza.

About the Victim

Case Status: Open
Case #:  180027438
Location of Incident: 5712 Iliff Rd NW

Incident Details

Samuel Almanza was found deceased inside a hotel room from a gunshot.

Meet the detectives working to solve this case.

If You Have Information

If you have information about this, or any other case, please contact Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers will never ask for your name and you will remain completely anonymous. The phone line is not recorded, nor is it connected to any caller ID device.

Call 911 for an emergency or a crime in progress.

2018 unsolved homicide victim Gisele Carriaga

2018 unsolved homicide victim Gisele Carriaga

Family Story

My beloved brother, Samuel Almanza, was a sweet and caring person loved by so many. He was a true friend to his friends, the best father to his children and the best son my parents could have. As they always say, they could not have asked for more. When he was a child, Samuel was the most respectful, smart and fun kid. It is hard to recall times when he would get in trouble. As my youngest sibling, we always had a very special bond, as he would always come around when he needed to talk. Many of the times was for advice but we could talk for hours. He would always come around with a smile and many jokes, even when he was having a difficult day. When Samuel had his children, I remember he would always try to be the best dad for them and always tried to spend lots of quality time with them. Our family gatherings were always fun and games when he was around.

He would always be chasing me around the park or playing jokes on us. He is the youngest one of three and I can say he was the most spoiled one… even by me. I can still hear his laughter after 4 years that he has been gone. I still wait for him to come through my door, give me a hug, and kiss. We all miss him so much. Some days the pain of not having him around anymore is intolerable and I just hope and pray for the next day to be better.