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Juan Carlos Romero Feb. 7, 2017

Information about homicide investigations.

About the Victim

Case Status: Cold Case
Case #: 170012813
Location of Incident: Stanford and Central

Incident Details

Police discovered that Juan Carlos Romero had been shot and killed on a sidewalk near Stanford and Central Ave, near UNM.

If You Have Information

If you have information about this, or any other case, please contact Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers will never ask for your name and you will remain completely anonymous. The phone line is not recorded, nor is it connected to any caller ID device.

Call 911 for an emergency or a crime in progress.

2018 unsolved homicide victim Gisele Carriaga

Family Story

We have so many wonderful memories of Juan Carlos, but the pain of his violent death is heartbreaking.

He was our only son and he and his sister were very close. As a child and even as a young adult he loved to play and explore and try new and different things. Juan Carlos loved colors and stayed busy with his arts and crafts projects as a young boy. At an early age, Juan Carlos was also drawn to computers – even before computers were not popular!

He has always been a “life learner” that would continue as he grew into a young adult. He was a graduate from St Pius High School and he had multiple degrees from the University of New Mexico.

At the time of his death, he was a graduate student working on advanced degrees. He believed that philosophy and science merged together could help him to be a better person. His death has be _____and we just need to know what happened and why someone would do this to him.

Juan Carlos Romero was walking near his home, by the University of New Mexico campus. Somebody shot him. When police arrived, he was deceased. He had his personal valuables, so it doesn’t appear that it was a robbery gone wrong. It appears to be a targeted shooting or a random shooting. There is not a lot of physical evidence left at the crime scene. There have been no eye witnesses, and no video surveillance that has come in to help detectives understand what happened that night.


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