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Accessing Balloon Fiesta Park

Information on how to access Balloon Fiesta Park.

Park Location

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The Balloon Fiesta Park is located in the North portion of the City of Albuquerque. The 360 acre park is north of Alameda Blvd and West of Interstate 25. 

Map of Balloon Fiesta Park

Daily User Access

Utilizing Balloon Fiesta Park is one of the many benefits available to the citizens of the Albuquerque area, provided by the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation department. Daily user hours vary from day to day and are limited during special events. Typically, remote control flyers have exclusive use of the field daily until 12:00 pm noon. Following this, daily users are able to utilize space. For more information on daily user access, contact the Golf and Event Center at 505-768-6043.

Accessing Balloon Fiesta Park

The park has two roadway entrances:

  • Northern Entrance (I-25 Exit 234, Roy-Tramway, South to Balloon Fiesta Parkway)
  • Southern Entrance (I-25 Exit 233, Alameda Road West to Balloon Museum Drive)

Access for special events and field sport practice is typically from the Northern Entrance to the park. 

The Southern Entrance to the park provides access to the Golf and Event Center, the Sid Cutter Pilots' Pavilion, and the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.

Pedestrian and Bike Access

Pedestrians can access to the park from the North and South ends. However, pedestrian access is sometimes limited during special events.

North Diversion Channel Access

Walkers, runners, and bicycle riders have two options to access to the park from the North Diversion Channel Trail.

  1. Access the park from Alameda Boulevard Trail East to Balloon Museum Drive. At the top of the hill entering the park, there is a pedestrian gate.
  2. Access the park from the North Diversion Channel Trail North of Alameda by crossing the bridge where the trail ends and entering through gate 21. Gate 21 is open during the Golf and Event Center public hours, which vary seasonally. 

Automated Gate Access

The North Launch Field can also be accessed by purchasing automated gate access cards for vehicles. The cards cost $25 per year. There are some restrictions and requirements associated with owning a gate key card.

To purchase a card, call 505-768-6043 or visit the Golf and Event Center at Balloon Fiesta Park.