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Open Space School Programs

Information about Open Space School Programs.

For more information or to schedule your outdoor education field trip, contact the Open Space Division at 505-768-4200.

Albuquerque Ecosystems Program for Elementary Schools

Albuquerque boasts an incredible diversity of ecosystems across its Sandia Mountains, Rio Grande Bosque, and West Mesa Major Public Open Spaces. Sign up your classroom for an outdoor, local ecosystem-focused field visit that enhances your classroom curriculum. Take an educational hike at either the Elena Gallegos Open Space (Sandia Foothills), Open Space Visitor Center (Rio Grande Bosque), or Boca Negra Canyon (West Mesa Volcanoes). This educator-led program helps students understand the concept and components of an ecosystem or habitat (depending on grade level) in a hands-on setting and gives them the opportunity to understand those concepts more deeply through a real-world experience.

Conservation Education Program for Middle and High Schools

Our conservation education program helps students understand the need for public lands and how to conserve these natural resources for wildlife and future generations. This structured outdoor program combines natural history and ecosystem instruction alongside a natural resources management service learning project. Projects include but are not limited to--cottonwood tree planting in the Bosque, native perennial planting, invasive plant removal, trash clean up, etc. Projects vary by season and location. This program helps students understand the complexities of ecological problems in a real world setting and gives them the opportunity to make a positive impact in their community.