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Alameda Open Space Trailhead Site Plans Alameda Open Space Trailhead Site Plans

A map showing 3 phases of the Alameda Open Space Trailhead Site Plans. Phase 1 - New plazas, new Soar Flower, new Signage and Organization/Kiosk to the northwest and southwest of current picnic areas. New plantings, trees, shrubs, and irrigation. Widen the existing trail going from the west side of the site to the south side of the picnic areas, remove a large bump and mill in place on the existing trail to the southeast of the picnic areas. Phase 2 - Construct a new asphalt trail with bollards at each end and signs to dismount bikes on the western side of the tree grove, parallel to the trail on the eastern side of the trees coming from the south up to the southwest side of the picnic areas. Add a new trail connecting the northern part of the new asphalt trail with the existing trail that will be widened in phase 1. Mill in place (crushed soft surface) the existing trail that runs north to south on the east side of the tree grove. Phase 3 - Potential overlook build just south of the two south to north running trails from phases 1 and 2.

Volunteers - Daniel Webster Cleanup Volunteers - Daniel Webster Cleanup

Group photo of Daniel Webster Cleanup volunteers outdoors next to a park. The volunteers are wearing sky blue colored polo shirts and are holding up a banner that reads: 2021 Clean World Movement in the United States. Daniel Webster Park Cleanup in bold.

OS Annual Pass Section Block OS Annual Pass Section Block

The City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation written on a green circle going around a cottonwood leaf with the words Open Space written on it.

Open Space - Learn Community 1 Open Space - Learn Community 1

Open Space community event outdoors on grass. An audience sitting in lawn chairs under an Open Space tent while watching a performer with props.

Open Space - Learn Youth 2 Open Space - Learn Youth 2

Image of a child walking on a Bosque trail wearing a green jacket, gray beanie, and holding binoculars over their eyes and looking into the distance. Leaves are dispersed on the ground and trees are on the background.