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TAAS logo TAAS logo

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society logo

World Cup Watch Party Banner World Cup Watch Party Banner

An image of a soccer ball behind the words The Civic Plaza Presents WORLD CUP WATCH PARTY Nov. 21 - Dec. 18 Civic Plaza Learn more at NM United Merch will be available for sale on 11/26, 12/3, and 12/18.

Park Pop-up Logo Park Pop-up Logo

The logo for the Park Pop-up initiative. It has the text "park pop-up" in fun, bright yellow lettering outlined in black. Above it in a comic book style explosion bubble are icons making up a typical park, including a slide, a tree, and a bike. The explosion bubble is surrounded by stylized 5-pointed stars in the same bright yellow. At the bottom of the logo are five icons featuring different ideas for park pop-up events like music, food, reading, art, and sports.

JD Nash Band JD Nash Band

JD Nash Band, a singer and two guitar players perform under and Open Space canopy at the Tijeras Biozone Open Space stage.