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Open Space - School Programs Open Space - School Programs

Image of a young student on a patch of grass wearing summer attire, holding a rock on one hand and observing it closely with a magnifying glass on the other.

Los Poblanos Fields Crop Plan 2024 Los Poblanos Fields Crop Plan 2024

This is a poster of the crops being grown throughout the Los Poblanos fields. On the left is a diagram highlighting each field and whether the farmer is growing agricultural crops, wildlife crops, or a combination of both. The right side of the poster specifies which farmers are growing what.

West Gate New 2024 West Gate New 2024

Updated image of West Gate Spraypad from 2024 depicting the new layout of West Gate with multiple geysers spraying upwards.

Geometry of Nature 2 Geometry of Nature 2

A geometric tapestry in shades of blue. A blue circle design is inside of a small blue square inside of a larger darker blue square with horizontal rows of dark and light color alternating from top to bottom.

Geometry of Nature 1 Geometry of Nature 1

A geometric painting in bright colors. There is a row of purple and blue diamonds next to matching orange along the right, and a purple and green to the right. There is an orange squiggly line going down the green with a pink circle design towards the bottom.