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You want to be part of this!

Want to grow your neighborhood involvement? Try developing an effective elevator pitch that you can use anywhere in your neighborhood to talk about the benefits of getting involved. Help your neighbors know they want to be part of what you're doing in the neighborhood!

Be Goal-Focused

What steps can a neighborhood association take to become better organized and more focused in its planning?

Preventing Polarization in your Association

All the skills of communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration are ways to prevent conflict from escalating into polarization which divides a community. However, it is important to pay attention for warning signs because polarization can be so damaging.

Turn Dispute into a Deal

Learn how your association can have the quality, respectful discussions necessary to speak with ‘one voice’ by using principled negotiation to turn the dispute into a deal.

Building Consensus

Learn how your association can have the quality, respectful discussions necessary to speak with ‘one voice’ by building consensus.

Building Trust as a Leader

Watch for opportunities to develop a working level of trust with others in your association and your neighborhood. How can you apply these proven principles for increasing trust?

Making Meetings Fun and Interesting

Holding meetings that appeal to many people can be a challenge, because so many different types of people attend and each one of them listens, sees, and processes information differently. Here are some suggestions for having meetings that are both productive and fun!

Nonprofit Organizations

This section will help you understand the basics of nonprofit structures. Please note that this information is meant to be an overview. Please consult your attorney when making business decisions.

Grant Application Processes

Before you start writing, you want to assess your eligibility, prioritize which grants to write, and assess your capacity and time for writing and managing each potential funding source.

Application Components: Program Design

The Program Design section is where you will describe all components of the proposed program, the service delivery method, established best practices, and your experience implementing this program.