About the Black Community

2019 5-year American Communities Survey data:

  • Total Albuquerque population: 559,202
  • African American (alone) population: 15,399 (2.8%); Including Hispanic: 18, 514 (3.2%)
  • 26.2% of the African American population in Albuquerque is below poverty level (4,747)
  • Median household income in the past 12 months: $39,481
  • 37% of African American households are owner occupied

According to the 2020 Workforce Diversity Report, of the 5,551 City of Albuquerque municipal employees, 123 of them are Black/African American and earn a median hourly wage of $23.11

Owner-Occupied Housing Units by Race & Ethnicity.pngRenter-Occupied Housing Units by Race & Ethnicity.png

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