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Mayor Tim Keller, Councilor Diane Gibson, City Leaders Break Ground on Los Altos Park Improvements Phase 1

$12 million investment in phase 1 renovations to bring economic benefit with Sports-related tourism

ALBUQUERQUE - Mayor Tim Keller, District 7 City Councilor Diane Gibson and city leaders celebrated the future of sports-related tourism today with a ground breaking at the Los Altos Park and Softball fields.

Complete renovation of the eastern portion of Los Altos Park leads off phase 1 also adding another softball field. This includes everything east of the access road from Lomas Blvd. NE to the Albuquerque Garden Center and Los Altos Pool.

Phase 1 improvements include:

  • Demolition and reconstruction of the softball fields
  • Construction of 5 new softball fields with 300’ outfield fences with up 150 spectators per field
  • Construction of a new Restroom and Community Building with concessions, multipurpose meeting rooms to support regional softball tournaments and community events
  • New and improved vehicle access within the park and new parking around the perimeter of the complex to avoid pedestrian conflicts
  • Construction of a pedestrian “spine” or promenade running through the middle of the complex with seating, shade and food truck parking for regional tournaments and community events.

“Improving our outdoor spaces is a win-win,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “This significant investment will improve Los Altos Park for people who live here and continue to drive an economic boost from tournaments and sports-related tourism.”

Phase 2 will add other improvements, including:

  • Construction of a signature BMX Pump Track Facility, suitable for hosting regional and national competitions, on NM Department of Transportation-owned property at Easterday Drive NE.
  • Construction of a new dog park in southeast corner/south side of the park
  • Construction of a 20 new horseshoe court capable of hosting regional tournaments
  • Construction of a new playground to replace the current one
  • Continuation of the Phase 1 pedestrian spine connecting the softball complex to the pool, skate park, horseshoe complex, dog park and BMC pump track
  • Continuation of improved vehicle access loop to new primary signalized park entrance and Lomas Blvd. NE and Easterday Dr. NE
  • Additional parking construction to support all of the above improvements and provide overflow parking for large softball tournaments and community events.

“Los Altos is one of the oldest and most used parks in the City. This much needed renovation will make the park more appealing and accessible to park users of all ages and interests. Bringing the softball fields up to date, adding a fifth softball field to the park and a state of the art BMX Pump Track will promote sports tourism as well,” said District 7 City Councilor Diane Gibson. “I am very excited to see this project started and cannot wait to see our results when it is completed!”

 “We’re going to hit a home run with the Phase 1 renovations to the softball fields,” said Dave Simon, Director of Parks and Recreation. “And when the entire project is complete, Los Altos is going to be bigger, better, and safer—and rejuvenated for future generations.”

“The Department of Municipal Development is a dedicated and hard-working group of construction professionals who are excited to manage this project,” said DMD Director Pat Montoya. “We look forward to presenting Parks and Recreation and the community with an amazing recreational facility for every type of park goer.”

With demolition underway, Phase 1 construction bids will go out this summer with construction anticipated to start early fall 2021 with construction to be completed in the summer of 2022 with an estimated investment of update $13 million. Phase 2 design continues with construction scheduled at a future date. The estimated cost of Phase 2 has not been determined.