Retirement Process

There are several necessary steps to complete the retirement process with the City of Albuquerque. Once the decision is made to retire, employees should visit the PERA Albuquerque satellite office to begin the process. Every retirement is unique to each employee.

There are different service credit markers that must be in place to become a PERA retiree. PERA has a website, Retirement Information Online (RIO), where a member can monitor their retirement account. This site also provides tools to project estimated benefits and the estimated cost of purchasing service credit. You can visit the RIO website to open an account.

Step 1: Contact the P.E.R.A. office to begin the retirement process.

Santa Fe Office

33 Plaza La Prensa
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone: (505) 476-9300
Fax: (505) 954-0370
[email protected]

Albuquerque Office

6300 Jefferson St. NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Phone: (505) 383-6550
Fax: (505) 883-4573
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 342-3422
[email protected]

  • During your visit with P.E.R.A, you will receive a letter indicating your Retirement Date or Estimated Date of Retirement.
  • If your retirement date is within 6 months, you will be required to submit an Application for Pension. PERA will approve and stamp your application.

Once you have submitted your retirement packet to the PERA Albuquerque satellite office, and have received either a date-stamped copy of your application or a retirement letter from PERA in the mail, contact the City of Albuquerque Insurance & Benefits office.

The City of Albuquerque requires a potential retiree to schedule an appointment 60-90 days in advance of the retirement date.

Step 2: Contact the City of Albuquerque's Insurance & Benefits Division

Once you have received the required documents from P.E.R.A., contact the City of Albuquerque, Insurance & Benefits Division. Do not contact the Insurance & Benefits Division until Step 1. has been completed.

Send an Email to I&B View Contact Information

What to expect when contacting Insurance & Benefits:

  • Request a retirement appointment with an Insurance & Benefits Specialist.
  • The Insurance & Benefits Specialist will ask you to provide your Retirement Date or your Estimated Date of Retirement.
  • The Insurance & Benefits Specialist will ask you if you are interested in using your sick and vacation leave for Early Retirement. Download the Early Retirement Calculator.
  • An appointment will be set for you based on your situation.

Step 3: Attend the retirement appointment previously set with the Insurance & Benefits Specialist.

  • During your appointment Early Retirement will discussed and calculated using an Early Retirement Spreadsheet. Download the Early Retirement Calculator.
  • Discuss the cash out method for any remaining sick and vacation leave balances.
  • The Insurance & Benefits Specialist will provide information regarding the end of your City of Albuquerque benefits and your option to obtain coverage; including the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority.
  • Retiree Life Insurance information will be provided at the time of the retirement appointment.
  • Once all information has been discussed and finalized, the employee will sign all necessary forms to include:
    • A Notification of Retirement. This document will specify all important dates for Early Retirement, Cash-Out Method and Benefits termination.
    • Retirement Appointment Checklist. This document will specify the material provided and discussed during the Retirement Appointment.
    • Retiree Life Insurance Notification. This document will specify the amount of Retiree Life Insurance coverage and the beneficiaries assigned by the employee, at the time of the Retirement Appointment.

Step 4: After the Retirement Appointment with the Specialist, the employee is encouraged to do the following:

  • Contact their department and follow any out-processing procedure required.
  • Contact their deferred compensation representative, if applicable. The City of Albuquerque allows retirees to defer any sick and vacation balances into a deferred compensation account. This allows the dollar amount of the leave balances to be tax deferred. A retiree must contact a deferred compensation representative prior to retirement to defer any leave balances.
  • Contact the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority – If employee plans to obtain coverage with the NMRHCA:
    • he/she must contact their office, at least, 30 days prior to requested effective date of coverage
  • Contact the Social Security Administration, if applicable
  • If you are asked to provide proof of prior coverage, by a new benefits provider, please provide the Letter of Credible Coverage given to you by the Insurance & Benefits Division at the time of your retirement appointment.
  • If the employee does not have a retirement date within 6 months from the Retirement Appointment, he/she will have to return to PERA to submit the Application for Pension 6 months prior to the retirement date.