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The Insurance and Benefits Division of the Human Resources Department, is solely responsible for the procurement, implementation, and administration of all group benefit plans for City of Albuquerque employees and their dependents.

The City offers regular, full-time and part-time employees the option of participating in a variety of group insurance plans.

The City is committed to providing employees one of the most comprehensive and reasonably priced benefit packages available in New Mexico. We hope that you will find the coverage offered provides you with the choices and options necessary to keep you and your family healthy and well.


IMPORTANT!  Health Benefits Dependent Eligibility Audit 2022

The City of Albuquerque provides a complete and comprehensive health benefit program designed to help employees and their families become and stay healthy and feel secure.

In order to maintain these outstanding programs, we must spend every dollar wisely – and ONLY for eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Therefore, the City is conducting… A HEALTH INSURANCE DEPENDENT ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION AUDIT.

All employees with dependents will be receiving an eligibility packet in the mail with the attached Announcement Letter the week of January 17th or sooner. The Letter will also include a Quick Start Guide with directions and passcodes.

The City has engaged an independent healthcare auditing firm, Impact Interactive, to conduct the dependent eligibility verification audit. Employees having questions on how to complete the verification process should contact Impact Interactive. Any employee who has not received a packet by January 21st should also contact Impact Interactive at 1-866-691-6551 for assistance.

As detailed in the Announcement Letter… THE AUDIT IS MANDATORY WITH PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE. Thank you for your cooperation in completing this requirement timely and accurately.

Contact [email protected] with questions or review the FAQ's.

Mobile Health Center Schedule

The Mobile Health Center is available to you and your dependents age 2 and up, enrolled in any Presbyterian Health Plan the City offers.  Please call (505) 220-6562 to schedule an appointment.  View the schedule for January. 

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Pre-Retirement Seminar

If you are 3 years or less from your anticipated retirement date, the Insurance & Benefits Division recommends attending a Pre-Retirement Seminar. Seminars are scheduled 6 times a year. Once the decision is made to retire, employees should contact the PERA office to begin the process. Every retirement is unique to each employee. Sign up for the seminar scheduled for February 15, 2022.

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