Pay, Incentives, and Benefits

Albuquerque Fire Rescue offers one of the most robust, comprehensive pay, benefits and retirement packages in the entire fire service! We want the best, and with the support of a strong labor union we have built tremendous value and practicality into the benefits afforded to every one of our members.


Estimated Annual Salary
FIREFIGHTER $33,170.64






Estimated Annual Salary



Estimated Annual Salary
FIREFIGHTER $54,828.30


Need more Incentive?

  • $15,000 Paramedic Hiring Bonus
  • Licensed Paramedic Pay Incentive: 4.4% pay increase after promoting to Firefighter 1st Class
  • Paramedic Assignment Pay Incentive ~ 9.5% pay increase upon assignment to an ALS unit or position
  • Wildland Pay Incentive ~ $32.50 per month
  • Bilingual Skill Pay ~ $20.00 per month
  • Academic Reimbursement Plan ~ Receive up to $1,800 per year towards your college tuition!
  • Academic Incentive Pay ~ For every college credit earned we'll pay you $1 per month! (60 credit hours=$60 a month)
    • *Incentives are available after successful completion of probationary year*

Interested in becoming a paramedic? Albuquerque Fire Rescue offers two options for paramedic school to eligible AFR employees.

University of New Mexico  - 10 month accelerated program sponsored by the University of New Mexico. 40 hour work week. We pay you to become a licensed paramedic!

Central New Mexico Community College - 12 month accelerated, hybrid program. Online didactic portion allows students to remain on 56 hour work schedule. Awarded AAS degree upon successful completion. We pay you to become a licensed paramedic!



  • 25 year retirement at 75% of highest 5 years
  • Complete health and dental insurance (80% City contribution)
  • 144 hours of annual sick leave accrual
  • 144-240 hours of annual vacation accrual
  • Free gym membership
  • 13 paid holidays per year
  • GI Benefit Eligible Accredited Academy
  • Two year promotional cycles
  • Cadet program IFSAC testing provided
  • On-duty professional development courses
  • Peer Fitness: free training and testing
  • Annual NFPA 1582 Compliant Physical

Longevity Pay

All members who serve at least 8 consecutive years with AFR will receive longevity pay. This supplement is paid monthly and is applied towards your highest 5 year earnings.

  • 8 years = $200 per month
  • 12 years = $250 per month
  • 15 years = $400 per month
  • 18 years = $1000 per month

Continuing Education

Being a member of AFR is demanding, and continuing education is critical for our success. Most EMS agencies and fire departments require their members to maintain their own CE's, but AFR members receive all required CE's, every year, paid for by the department. The curriculum is provided by the department and completed on-duty --- no conferences, no seminars and no searching!

  • Paramedic 60 hours                        ($600 value)
  • Intermediate/Advanced 50 hours    ($500 value)
  • Basic 40 hours                                ($400 value)





Specialty divisions provide on-duty training! Expand your knowledge and make your career what you want it be!

  • Hazardous Materials Task Force
  • Heavy Technical Rescue
  • Wildland Division
  • Technical Services
  • Dispatch
  • Arson


AFR also provides Nomex station/duty uniforms and your structural firefighting gear and mask!

  • Station/duty Nomex - ($1123 value)
  • Station boots - ($126 value)
  • Structural Firefighting Gear and Mask - ($2860 value)
  • Wildland Gear - ($382 value)
  • Whites Boots - ($220 value)

American Heart Association

AFR offers FREE on-duty courses:

BLS    ($60 value)

ACLS    ($110 value)

PALS    ($110 value)

BLS Instructor    ($170 value)

ACLS Instructor    ($180 value)

PALS Instructor    ($180 value)