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Film Permitting Documents

Documents pertaining to film permitting

To complete your film permit, you may need some or all of the following documents:

Film, Television and Photography Guidelines

The Film, Television and Photography Guidelines are required to be reviewed and signed by the producer on the production. The guidelines only need to be signed once per production. The guidelines are required in order to obtain a film permit from the Albuquerque Film Office.

Location License Agreement

If you plant to film on City of Albuquerque property, a location license agreement must be completed. The agreement must be signed by the producer, the Albuquerque Film Office and additional City of Albuquerque departments where required. A fee is associated with this agreement depending on the location.

Short-term Use Agreement

If you plan to have your basecamp or any cast/crew parking take place on City of Albuquerque property, a short-term use agreement must be completed. A fee is associated with this agreement depending on the location.

Blanket Film Permit

A blanket permit is issued for a low impact shoot on City of Albuquerque property and is limited to a cast and crew size of 6 people or less.

Film Notice

A Film Notice must be filled out and submitted along with the Film Permit request. Notice must be approved by Albuquerque Film Office prior to any notice being distributed. The Albuquerque Film Office strongly recommends that letters of notification be distributed to surrounding homes and/or businesses even if a film permit is not required. Night notification may be required on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the film office. Please inquire.

Neighborhood/ Business Notification List

A log of any neighborhood and business notifications, whether completed or attempted, must be submitted before a final permit will be approved.

Special Effects/ Fire Marshal's Office

When utilizing special effects such as pyrotechnics, weather effects or firearms, the City of Albuquerque Fire Marshal's Office needs to review and approve. A permit will need to be acquired and additional fees may apply. 

Filming on private property does not usually require a film permit from the Albuquerque Film Office. However, the production must notify the Albuquerque Police Department at 242-COPS 24 hours prior to filming scenes involving any gunfire or other loud noises. The Fire Marshal's Office must be notified if there will be any pyrotechnics or special effects filmed ​and a permit is required from their office. 

Contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 505-724-6300 for more information.

Permit Examples:

Bagging Meters

In order to reserve a parking space that is metered, a production will need to request the reservation of the meter(s). Bagged meter requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. The cost to bag meters is $10 per meter, per day.

Productions are responsible for the submission of the form, blocking off the meter(s), bagging them, and removing bags after use. Failure to remove bags will result in additional charges.

For questions and more information, contact the City of Albuquerque Parking Division at 505-924-3950.

All forms must be submitted at:
1 Civic Plaza NW
Albuquerque NM 87102