Special Event Vendor

Special events include Summerfest to the Balloon Fiesta and everything in between!

The ProcessPicture of Balloon Fiesta

Download, open, and print the following documents:
Temporary Event Permit Application (410kb)
Temporary Food Checklist (69kb)
Bake Sale Permit Application
Grower's Market Permit Application
Raw Produce Permit Application
Seasonal Temporary Permit Application

Complete the appropriate Permit application and bring it to the Environmental Health Department at 1 Civic Plaza NW 87102(map) or fax the document to 768-2698 or if
you need assistance, call 768-2738.

All applications must be submitted at least  1 (one) week prior to the event.
Please note, permits submitted after 4:30pm may not be processed until the next business day.

NMDA Egg Licensing

Find out more about the New Mexico Department of Agriculture's egg licensing.


Temporary Event Permit: $25.00
Bake Sale Permit: No Fee (This permit is for non-profit organizations only.)
Raw Produce for Grower's Market Permit: $15.00
Grower's Market Permit: $50.00