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Job Training Albuquerque Exceeds 1,000 Worker Participation Mark, Grows Workforce by 655 Jobs

Over 200 Albuquerque small businesses have participated since JTA launched in 2020.
October 23, 2023

Over 1,000 workers at 203 Albuquerque small businesses have participated in Job Training Albuquerque (JTA), the City’s premier workforce development initiative, since the program launched in January of 2020. Participating businesses have reported adding over 650 jobs and a 24% increase in wages, creating opportunities and better career outcomes for Albuquerque’s workforce.

“JTA is an investment in the future of our city. With this program, Albuquerque residents are launching new careers and skilling up,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “These milestones are markers of meaningful economic development – the kind that has lasting positive effects for local businesses, their employees, and families, for generations to come.”

JTA offers in-demand, transferable skills that meet the needs of Albuquerque small businesses, and is a partnership between the City of Albuquerque and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). Program funding is provided by the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department (EDD) and the program is administered by CNM Ingenuity, a workforce training arm of the college. 

“The EDD team puts in a tremendous amount of work to connect local businesses and workforce to the services and support they need to thrive, and we’re thrilled JTA is changing lives in our community for the better,” said EDD Director Max Gruner. “Along with our partners like CNM Ingenuity, we’re building a united, inclusive, and equitable economic ecosystem for Albuquerque.”

JTA has increased access to essential trainings by removing cost barriers for Albuquerque businesses and employees in a wide variety of industries. Joseph Wojcik, owner of Powerhouse Electric, participated in the lineworker program at CNM, and said the JTA application process was streamlined. 

"I had been looking at CNM's lineworker program for about five years because I wanted to become a more well-rounded electrician,” Wojcik said. “I was going to take the course no matter what, but the funding from JTA allowed me to enroll and complete the program sooner than I had planned.”

Businesses like Cuidando Los Niños, which provides supportive housing, education, and advocacy for families experiencing homelessness, have utilized JTA to offer different training opportunities that support their business missions, and staff goals. 

“Job Training Albuquerque has been an invaluable resource to our staff at Cuidando Los Niños. From Women in Leadership to the 45-Hour Course, our employees have greatly benefited from the course offerings,” said senior director or program operations at Cuidando Los Niños, Natasha Gacinski. “They have honed new skill sets and found new passions. We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program!”

JTA continues to add educational partners to expand course offerings, most recently teaming up with Associated General Contractors of New Mexico to offer courses focused on the construction industry. Other JTA partners include New Mexico Child Care and Education Association and The University of New Mexico.

“Job Training Albuquerque has already been a remarkable success for Albuquerque businesses and their employees, while adding momentum to the City’s overall workforce and economic development efforts,” said CNM President Tracy Hartzler. “We’re proud to be continuing our partnership with the City of Albuquerque to expand this well-established tool that empowers both small businesses and employees with education and training resources. We’re looking forward to JTA creating even more prosperity for businesses, employees, and our community in the years ahead.”

JTA recently won two gold “Excellence in Economic Development” awards from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) for its work supporting job skills and bolstering small business growth in the City. For its work with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and CNM Ingenuity (CNMI), JTA won gold in the “Partnerships with Educational Institutions” category. JTA was also recognized with gold in the “Talent Development & Retention” category, which honors programs that develop strategic approaches to strengthen the local workforce, enhance the skill sets of low-skilled and other disadvantaged workers, and increase employment opportunities and experiential learning opportunities, among other criteria.

JTA is currently accepting applications for a variety of trainings. A full listing of courses, how to apply, and more can be found at


The City of Albuquerque’s Economic Development Department’s mission is to create a more diversified and equitable economy that works for everyone by growing and retaining local businesses and jobs; eliminating barriers to success in underserved communities; recruiting businesses in key industries; increasing Albuquerque’s competitiveness in the global market; and fostering a healthy built environment.