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Information on the City of Albuquerque's Economic Development Department

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In 1993 the Office of Economic Development was created to promote and facilitate business development, to create and implement economic development strategy, and to strengthen ties with the private sector.

Through the Economic Development Office's many achievements and strong reputation for reliability, on July 1, 2006, the Office of Economic Development gained department status, becoming the Economic Development Department.

Quick Contacts

Media Inquiries:
Ava Montoya [email protected]

To Request A Meeting with the Department Director:

Yesenia Hernandez (505) 768-3051 or [email protected]

City Incentives:
Chris Chavez (505) 768-3292 or [email protected]
Lodgers' Tax Advisory Board:
Chris Chavez (505) 768-3292 or [email protected]
Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission:
Monica Mitchell  [email protected]

Full Staff Contact Information

Charles Ashley III, Director
(505) 768-3293 or [email protected]

Yesenia Hernandez, Executive Assistant
(505) 768-3051 or [email protected]

Lisa Abeyta, Deputy Director
(505) 768-4775 or [email protected]

Christopher Chavez, Economic Development Manager
(505) 768-3292 or [email protected]

Monica Mitchell, Sr. Economic Developer
(505) 768-3226 or [email protected]

Greg Seeley, Federal & State Funding Coordinator
(505) 768-3305 or [email protected]

Janel Shisler, Fiscal Officer
(505) 768-3279 or [email protected]

Sonja Romero, ED Coordinator
(505) 768-3268 or [email protected]

Carissa Vender, Small Business Office Liaison
[email protected]

Angelica Mireles, Receptionist
(505) 768-3275 or [email protected]

Film Office

Cyndy McCrossen, Film Liaison
(505) 768-3269 or [email protected]

Rebecca Cavalier, Film Coordinator
(505) 768-3289 or [email protected]

Santana Garcia, Film Permit Assistant
(505) 768-3283 or [email protected]

Minority Business Development Agency Business Center

Gabriela Marques, MBDA Center Director
(505) 376-7823 or [email protected]

Mike Silva, MBDA Center Business Advisor
(505) 376-7824 or [email protected]

Sofia Bajana, MBDA Center Business Advisor
(505) 376-7824 or [email protected]

Workforce Development

Mark Zientek, Workforce Liaison
[email protected]

Tess Taylor, Early Childhood Careers Navigator
(505) 768-9344 or [email protected]

International Trade Office

Randy Trask, International Trade Office Manager
(505) 768-3286 or [email protected]

Celeste Nuñez, Program Manager
505-768-3266 or [email protected]