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City Recruiting Newly Remote Workers and ‘Boomerangers’ to Boost Local Economy

“ABQ Home for Life” showcases Albuquerque as more people seek a healthy, mid-sized alternative to larger cities

Jan. 13, 2021

Mayor Tim Keller and the Albuquerque Economic Development Department are partnering with a local firm to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign that tells the story of Albuquerque as an ideal location for people seeking a more healthful lifestyle with room to grow. The project targets newly remote workers, who can do their jobs from anywhere, and former residents of the city, also known as ‘boomerangers.’

The ABQ Home for Life campaign capitalizes on migration trends that have been accelerated by the pandemic – namely, moves away from large cities and areas prone to natural disasters and to lower-risk mid-sized cities.

“Albuquerque offers unmatched quality of life: less crowded, less stressful, more affordable, and healthier—especially during the pandemic,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “As a boomeranger myself, I know that these assets, combined with our unique history and diverse culture, can be a huge pull to come back home. Newly remote workers are realizing they don’t have to be tied to big cities anymore and we’re making sure Albuquerque is at the top of list for folks looking for more room to grow.”

Albuquerque-based Esparza Digital + Advertising is contracted to create and deploy the campaign, which includes a robust combination of targeted landing pages, digital advertising, and social media. Messaging focuses on Albuquerque’s clean air, abundant sunshine, vast number of parks and hike/bike trails, affordability, low traffic, and diverse culture, as well as job opportunities in thriving industries such as film, directed energy, and aerospace.

The campaign is saturating a handful of key cities including Houston, Portland, and Los Angeles. Interactive quizzes customized for residents of each location provide a fun way for audiences to learn more about Albuquerque and why the Duke City should be their “home for life.” To take one of the quizzes or see one of the landing pages, visit

“Research shows people are prioritizing experiences over material things and balance over bustle,” said Synthia Jaramillo, director of the Economic Development Department, which is managing the campaign. “Albuquerque’s assets match the demand for that elusive combination of economic opportunity and sustainable, healthful living. There’s no reason you can’t have both; people just need a little help knowing where to look, and our campaign does that.”

A dashboard has been set up to collect real-time data and measure overall performance of the tactics. The campaign is an ongoing effort and will include more target cities in the near future.