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Debt & Investment Policies

Information about debt and investment policies.

Below is a list of the City policies related to debt and investment.

Debt Management Policies & Guidelines

Sets forth the parameters for issuing debt and managing the outstanding debt portfolio and provides guidance to decision makers regarding the purposes for which debt may be issued, types and amounts of permissible debt, timing and method of sale that may be used, and structural features that may be incorporated.

View: Debt Management Policies & Guidelines


The City of Albuquerque ("City") recognizes that cash is an earning asset. It is City policy to invest cash balances over amounts required to meet current financial obligations to achieve the highest rate of return consistent with the other primary objectives of preservation of principal and maintenance of adequate liquidity.

View: Investment-Policy-Procedures

Broker Dealer Selection Policy

The approved policy and procedure for selecting broker/dealers and for the purchase and sale of securities.

View: Broker Dealer Selection Policy

Broker Dealer Information Form

Broker/dealers may complete this form for consideration by the City as an approved Broker Dealer.

Download: Broker Dealer Information Form

Post Bond Issuance Compliance Policy

Post Bond Issuance Compliance Policy is intended to ensure that the City complies, and is able to demonstrate such compliance with applicable legal provisions including certain recordkeeping and reporting requirements in order (a) to maintain the tax status of the bonds for federal income tax purposes under the Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury Regulations, (b) to ensure that the bonds continue to comply with the securities laws contained in Rule 15c2-12 of the Securities Exchange Commission. References herein to "Tax-exempt bonds" include the issuance of tax exempt and tax-advantaged bonds, loans and other similar debt instruments that may be issued by the City.

Download: Post Bond Issuance Compliance Policy

Commodity Cost Management Policy

Commodity Cost Management Policy establishes responsibilities, objectives, and guidelines for the use of commodity cost management transactions to manage price risk related to commodity usage by the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico including, but not limited to, projected fuel consumption.

Download: Commodity Cost Management Policy

Bond Related Disclosure Procedures Policy

The Disclosure Procedures are designed to:

  • ensure the completeness and accuracy of the federal securities disclosure made by the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico (the "City") and the City's (including the City's officers and staff in the exercise of their official duties) compliance with all applicable state and Federal Securities Laws and contractual obligations in connection with issuance and disclosure undertakings relating to its outstanding general obligation and gross receipts tax bonds and Annual Information Statements ("AISs"), and
  • promote best practices regarding disclosures disseminated to investors and the municipal securities markets by the City.

Download: Bond Related Disclosure Procedures Policy